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July 08 2005

H'wood scares up Asian chills. "They were weaned on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and they're emboldened with girl power," says Timpone. "They're ready to take on big-screen frights."

An article discussing the popularity of Japanese films in our culture and how the new demographic is teenager girls who were "weaned" on BtVS. A couple of Buffy & SMG mentions.

I had to do the tags thing over because it didn't work the first time. I originally had put "Japanese Horror film" as one tag and thought maybe that's why it didn't work but "Sarah Michelle Gellar" worked.
"American audiences forgot what it was like to be legitimately scared ... Asian horror films are the complete antithesis of American-style FX-overdose pictures. They're subtle and get under your skin. They creep you out, unnerve and disturb you, without gushing, severed body parts and tons of pyrotechnics."

That pretty much sums up the appeal of Asian horror films for me. I got bored with the stereotypical, hack 'n' slash American gross-out/shocker, and found that the Oriental sensibility was so unique it opened my eyes to looking in a new way at what I'd thought was a played-out genre. I went from avoiding horror at the video store to avidly seeking out every new title, as long as it was produced somewhere outside the U.S.

It's good to see that Hollywood is becoming more open to other influences (even if I suspect that profit, not creativity, is the motivation), and seems to be embracing the idea of a more sophisticated, intelligent horror model. I'm finding, though, that I still tend to prefer the original versions over the remakes. "The Eye" was a creepy, strikingly visual treat when I first stumbled on it a couple of years ago; I hope the new version can retain some of its delicately eerie atmosphere.
I am soooo disgusted that TC has gotten his hands on The Eye. That was the one asian horror/thriller I had really hoped they wouldn't touch. The movie is just perfect as it is.

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