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January 22 2003

Scoop Me "Potential" review at Scoop Me

I was also confused about the whole "If I die, one of you will be called." lines. We know the Watchers/Council kept the potentials in the dark. I think it's just more the same, only from the Scoobies. Faith is quite a story you have to tell completely, and now the potentials have to focus on staying alive, not rogue slayers. The writers themselves stated, there is no second slayer, born of Buffy's second death, so I'll keep trusting that.
Buffy just thinks she's THE Slayer cuz she has that whole superiority/inferiority complex thingy. Later in the season they'll bring back *spoilage censored*, Giles will have one of his famous "Of Course!" moments and it'll all get straightened out. Buffy's forgotten, but Whedon hasn't, so don't anyone fret over this. It'll all make sense in the warsh.
Yes, I too remain deeply convinced there is a purpose to all these 'HUH?' moments.
ok, didn't she say "If I die, one of you may be called."?

Buffy knows about Faith & the lineage of Slayers. She knows Faith is alive, but why muddy the waters of what she is trying to teach the 'Potentials' by introducing the concept of two Slayers at the same time? It's an anomaly, and try explaining THAT to your basic 15 years old.

Also consider, as far a Buffy knows at this point, that Faith, is/was on the side of the 'Baddies' last time she checked---I think, in her mind, Faith is locked away and may never be let out, nor should she. Why leave the Potentials with the feeling that if she, Buffy, is killed there may be no hope?

Buffy understands that it's Faith's death that will call the new slayer, which is why she used the word "may". If Buffy dies and Faith is still locked up, the the world is basically S*O*L until Faith's death or she escapes/is let go. [and yeah, I know what the spoiler's say is coming *grins*]

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