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July 08 2005

Buffy Can Explain How Professor Snape is a Vampire? An interesting editorial based on the character of Professor Snape in the Harrry Potter novels. The editorial goes on to explain how Buffy and other vampire mythology might be a clue as to whether or not Snape really is a bloodsucker or not.

Damn tags! you have to put the comma after every word. I think I should be able to do it right from now on.
That was a fun read! I personally don't buy that Snape is a vampire but there were a couple of good arguments there. I think it would be pretty neat to have a vampire in one of the next HP books though, but I doubt it will be Snape.
I had trouble with my tags too and had to go back and redo them. I did put commas after every word in one of them and they still disappeared and another one I didn't have commas after every word for a couple of phrases and they both worked for my second try at adding them.
I doubt that Snape is a vampire, but I think that there has got to be at least one major character who is a vampire in one of the last two books. If not, then it would just be a waste of a good magical creature that JKR could have used.
I think it's a comma after every word and no spaces. If that doesn't work every time then they better fix their tag system so a poster doesn't have to edit their message every time they post something.

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Nope, I didn't need to put a comma after every word for "Sarah Michelle Gellar" or "The Grudge" so it can't be that. I think it's just glitchy right now.
Well it is a new system so I guess it could be glitchy. I just hope they get all the bugs worked out soon.
Snape can't be a vampire! He was the referee in a Quidditch match, outside, during the day. (Note, I haven't read the article yet, so perhaps this is addressed.)
Interesting, but it wouldn't surprise me if they also had theories on the mysterious sleeping patterns of Prussian generals. Some people see vampires everywhere :)
Interesting, but it wouldn't surprise me if they also had theories on the mysterious sleeping patterns of Prussian generals. Some people see vampires everywhere :)

That's just the sort of thing a vampire would say! :D
'They' apologise if things aren't working as they should. 'They' feel like they're being talked about as if 'they' aren't there.
JK Rowling basically said that Snape is not a vampire.

He does have some tell-tale traits though.
Cute essay. The speculation frenzy that preceeds the release of the next book is always fun. :)
Weatherby, #6 on their list is: "The fact that he shows himself outdoors on several occasions during daytime is explained by him being a Potion Master and thus possibly capable of creating some sort of potion or cream to protect himself against the sunlight."

Tee hee. Just fun just to speculate. :)
Vampire or not Snape is still my favorite character in the whole series. He's just so bad ass.
Caroline, I never once referred to any of the mods as "they" in posting back in forth with Spikesbad. I only mentioned once that I thought it was glitchy and when I used the word "they" it was in referring to the tags themselves. And I was only responding right from the beginning because Spikesbad thought you needed to put a comma after each word and I knew that wasn't the case. I'm sorry if our comments came across as rude, definitely wasn't my intent - was just discussing the issues we were having with the tags. I can completely see though where it comes off that way and again, I apologize.

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Is everyone else getting the Google links along the side that tout "vampire clothing", "gothic dating" and "vampire fangs"? These bloggie things are just so darn intuitive these days. How on earth did they know I've been searching for that stuff? What a time saver! ;)

Vampire or not, I confess I have a not so secret crush on the Snapester, in all his mordant, lank-haired, sallow-skinned glory. I could blame it on Alan Rickman, but honestly, there's something about a man in a billowy black cape that really does it for me.
Well, Wiseblood, at least we will not be competing for the same men... ;-)
I know he's not described this way in the book but in my mind's eye I always pictured Snape to look like Principal Snyder. Don't know why but that's how I always so him.
Oh, I don't know, newcj ... one of the things I find so fascinating about the voluminous, enveloping mystery of capes (especially hooded ones) is that they're like black holes -- anyone could be in there! One size fits all, which you gotta admit widens the field of potential wearers considerably ;)

[Capes aside, it's all Angel's fault I fell in love with long black coats (well, I always loved them for myself, but he made me really notice them on others). It takes a certain personality to pull off that look, and now any man wearing one with confidence will definitely earn an admiring look from me!]

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Even short men?
Hee hee, just pictured Jonathon wearing a long cape, swishing around his short, little body!

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mmmmmmm capes. R. Chamberlain in 'Count of Monte Cristo' when he first re-appears as the 'Count'. mmmmmmmm

Drives me nuts, it does, when people just naturally assume that not being able to go out in sunlight is a universal trait in all vampire legends. If it wasn't in Bram Stoker's Dracula, where the Count can be seen in daylight a couple times during the London portion of the book--and apparently not suffering any ill effects--then I don't think it's completely necessary, even if they are "creatures of the night."

I do, however, approve of its humor-laden use in the Buffyverse, especially with Spike in Seasons 4 and 5. As a matter of fact, the best moment was in Season 5, and involved Riley, though I can't remember more about it at the moment. ("Blanket! Blanket!")

Edited to add: The episode was "Shadow." Go forth from this place, and rewatch this brilliant moment in all its sublime Glory. Thus spake BAFfler. Amen.

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Even short men?

Have to admit I've never seen a short man in a cape (or that many men in capes, generally), but that doesn't necessarily mean there's one out there who couldn't make it work. On the one hand, a garment that's much wider than its wearer is tall might not be the most flattering look for a shorter frame; on the other, attitude can make a world of difference between something coming across as uniquely distinctive, or just silly.

Of course, there's always the Inverness coat if you're looking for a classic, elegant alternative -- pipe and deerstalker cap optional ;)
Have to admit I've never seen a short man in a cape (or that many men in capes, generally), but that doesn't necessarily mean there's one out there who couldn't make it work.

How 'bout Frodo? He's a short man, er hobbit, and he wore a cape!
You're right. I guess I was thinking specifically of, er, men, but hobbits should also qualify. And Frodo cut quite a dashing figure, if I recall.

(Now that I think about it, LoTR was a veritable cape-fest overall, wasn't it! *floats off on a memory-cloud* Mmmm, Aragorn ... mmmm, Legolas...)

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