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July 08 2005

Buffy & Angel alums new series. Kristin from E!Online previews many of our alums new series for the fall.

"I just talked to Mr. Cooper this morning. We get along so well. He's kind of like a long-lost cousin, except not blood related, so we can make love...What am I saying?!"

Oh my!

With Kitchen Confidential being paired up with Arrested Development, I'll definitely be watching it. Unfortunately, I can't get CBS on my TV, so I can't check Aly's show out. I'll take a look at Bones unless it conflicts with something else I watch.

The new season is only 2 months away? That's not very long at all. I'm looking forward to it.
I can't wait to to watch KC. Nick and Bradley!

Bones, I feel is much better then what she thinks. But to me my own opinion, and everyone's own opinion, is as important as any tv personality.
I don't ever watch CBS...but I guess I'll have to try now.

I am hoping Bones is better then she thinks, I've been watching the previews and it's getting me excited about watching it.
I think Bones is really good. Maybe the characters feel hollow to her because the first episode is just the set up.
I am so glad that someone put this list together! I've been trying to do it myself but hers is better with the interviews and all :)

Definitely looking forward to KC and Bones (will get to see the pilot at comic-con)...

Is anyone watching Into the West on TNT? Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane are in it, pretty good for summer TV!
I was certainly disappointed in her review of Bones. I know my love of DB will color my judgment, but the previews have certainly looked great to me. Of course, I'm a CSI fan also, so its certainly a genre I'm into. I really like The Inside and signed the petition yesterday. Hopefully, Fox will read some of those comments, not that anything but the bottom line means anything to them! I don't watch a single sit-com, but I will try AH's out if it doesn't conflict.
Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't "Into the West" the series that Alan Tudyk is all but cut out of? Didn't I read in one of his articles that he got this original script with TONS of air time for him, and when he got the final script it was more like his character would be allowed to say "hi" once?
I LOVE Nick Brendon's joking, slashy meta. God, he rules. The chemistry, slashy and otherwise, among everyone in the ensemble here is very, very nice. This is a funny show indeed.

And I agree with Kristin about Bones. It felt very hollow, and the genre doesn't appeal to me at all. Furthermore, her asssertion that there is "some sizzle" in the chemistry between Boreanaz and Deschanel doens't strike me as true. Rather the reverse -- it felt very forced. But that's just my opinion.
What I've seen of "Bones" looks pretty good to me, DB's character seems to match up well with the female lead. I'll catch NB's show just to see how he does, can't say the concept appeals to me. Aly's show appears genuinely funny, her character especially...of course, the fact that I'm madly in love with her could impact my judgement....!
Ah, the only one of these three that I would consider watching is Kitchen Confidential, because I loved the source material, and because the preview looked pretty good. And NB has wicked comic timing. I absolutely cannot stand laugh tracks, so HIMYM is out, and Bones looks just . . . meh. But I wish them all well, of course.
I'll watch them all!
I'll give Bones a change, but I have to admit that it doesn't really appeal to me. Kitchen Confidential looks really good to me and I look forward to seeing Nick again. I guess I'll have to tape How I Met Your Mother to see what its like, but I am nervous about it having a laugh track.
I'm also the most excited for Kitchen Confidential. I love the premise for it and think the cast looks great. I've seen a preview or two for Bones and I'll check it out. I love DB and I hope the shows a hit but with the mediocre reviews of the pilot (and it being on Fox - King of the Cancellation Network - I don't have high hopes for it if it doesn't hit a homerun first time at bat. Aly's show is the least appealing to me because I'm just not that into sitcoms anymore. I find them all, well, one long laugh track. I'll check it out just because of her though and maybe I'll be surprised.
I think that that is the biggest problem for Bones. Fox has very high expectations for that show and fear for it if it doesn't fulfill that expectation.
I'll check out all of their shows but KC is the only one that looks good to me sadly. Maybe I'll change my mind.

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I've never been a fan of Bruckheimers shows - although I don't turn 'Without a Trace' off if it's on - but the preview for 'Close For Home' looked really, really, strong - hopefully Christian has a decent-sized chunk of a role, but it looks like Finnigan is the only one
Thanks to Kristin for her as-usual wondeful introduction to these new series', it was the best birthday present I've gotten so far today! Now just have to wait 5 years for stupid Aussie networks to buy them and air them at 3am one a year... anyways, I'm happy to see our favourites working again for our entertainment, best of luck to them all and their shows!
Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't "Into the West" the series that Alan Tudyk is all but cut out of? Didn't I read in one of his articles that he got this original script with TONS of air time for him, and when he got the final script it was more like his character would be allowed to say "hi" once?

Well I've been watching it and pretty much yeah, he's basically just in the first episode. Then they kind of leave the character to take on stories of the 5 million other Wheelers.

They put him in the opening credits for the first episode though.
I'm confused; didn't it say somewhere that Amy Acker's part on The Unit was recast? Kristen still mentions her on it (but no review). Anybody know?
She's not in The Unit anymore. They're shooting a new pilot episode now.

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