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July 08 2005

Christian Kane releases a limited edition Live Acoustic Performance CD. Christian Kane along with Steve Carlson while at a con in London last October put on an acoustic performance. The concert was recorded, and will be available to buy at their live events this year.

Their current appearance schedule;

July 30, 2005
The Key Club in Los Angeles, CA
Kane (the full band) with special guest Common Rotation and the ende.
This is in conjuntion with the Angel Booster Bash.

Tickets are available at Booster Events - Concert is open to both convention goers ($35) and non-convention goers ($35).

August 12, 2005
Flagstaff in Jim Thorpe, PA
This is with the full band.
This is in conjuntion with Moonlight Rising.

Tickets are available at Moonlight Rising - Concert is open to convention goers ($35) only at this time - you must purchase a convention ticket in order to buy a concert ticket.

Thanks for the correction.

Just wanted to correct the info on the Key Club appearance- tickets are $35 for everyone. The line-up includes Kane, Common Rotation and Ende.
This is a must see. He is great. I really enjoyed his music.
A friend of mine called the box office (I'm presuming she meant the Key Club box office) earlier and was told it was $60.00 for non-convention-goers. I just e-mailed her to get confirmation on that.
You buy the tickets from Booster Events site oddjob - since they are the ones renting the club for the night. The Key Club is not handling the ticket sales.

Here's the direct link to the ticket page on the Booster site.

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I'm just relaying what she told me, because if that's the case, then Booster needs to contact the Key Club so they don't give out the wrong information.

[ edited by Oddjob on 2005-07-09 00:49 ]
The Key Club has been called. Ticket price is $35. And they can be bought at the door- the box office WILL be open. Doors are at 6 pm. :)

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