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July 08 2005

(SPOILER) Another review of the new Angel comic. Brief review of Angel:The Curse from Fourth Rail. The review is about half-way down the page. Minor spoilers about the set-up.

"Mariotte spins this motivation and the story of the curse out pretty well ... David Messina's artwork is solid as well, and though the coloring is a bit overwhelming and heavy when a lighter touch was called for, the panel to panel storytelling is strong. If you're not already an Angel fan, The Curse isn't likely to win you over, but if you're one of the many Angel fans who wants more stories of this character, The Curse might be worth your time."

The comic is good. I may not buy the reason why, as relationships are not really soemthing the Angel character has always been big on especialy after losing his family again, but I did enjoy seeing Angel again.

I liked the dark art, thought it fit well to the Angel world.
I wish IDW would have mentioned in the first issue that it's set post-NFA as a way of escaping all these reviews that say it's set during S5.

As for the actual issue I found it was too decompressed, but I'm too impatient to wait for the trade. I enjoyed the art though and I hold out hope that the next issue will be better now the flashbacks are out the way.

In a way though having to wait five months for a story that's the equivalent of just one episode makes things bitter sweet.
I got mine in the mail today, and just finished reading it. The first part was full of funny dialog, more than I expect from Angel, but, it was good. And, I'm with Jackel, there's a touch of bittersweet here, I did want the sotry to have been a touch more than set-up. Bittersweet, indeed.
I wouldn't read this comic. I'd love more stories in the Buffyverse, but in my mind the heroes died in that alleyway, because that's the whole point of the ending, in my opinion. I know that's not the official line, but for me that's how it ended.
Found another review here that may be of interest... The reviewer doesn't seem keen.
Guy seems to have missed the point on why Angel wantss to go what he is doing, as it clearly says it not just for this person, nor does he seem to have knowledge that it is deffianlty NFA. I find it funny to review something, but know nothing about what you are reviewing or anything this author or the company has said about the comic book.

I do agree with the forgone conclusion thing though. Unfortunatly this is storyline you can see the ending, know the ending and it may make the whole journey pointless.
Sigh. I may be the only person here who didn't enjoy it, but, well, I didn't. I'm guessing we'll buy the next issue to see if it's going anywhere of interest, but I just don't know about this one. Perhaps I'm not a good Comicbook Girl. Who knows.
Pseudopod -- I was of that mind, too, until recently, when I read a plot synopsis, and realized it would be very helpful to have the comics as, well, trial evidence for my defense. It's a long, convoluted story, but, the reader's digest version is that my friends are putting me on trial for illegally obtaining Angel's soul. My defense is built on the fact that Angel is still in posessesion of his soul, and the comic books help establish that.
I think Angel's reasoning behind what he's doing is very keeping to canon. Certainly seemed to fit after TGIQ. As for NFA ending with their deaths, I used to think that too, but on rewatching the season, I really think NFA was about W&H's defeat and a new order arising.(Hence all the nods to entropy, Power, Illyria and power, and W&H's own security system chronically being challenged during the season)...something new took shape in the alley, the prophesy held, Angel would play a huge part in the apocolypse and would be important to W&H. He was the beginning to their end. He was playing by his own rules.
But they did not defeat W&H, they only faught them here, for awhile. It was established W&H can and does exsist in many worlds, on many planes of exsistance. So this was not really a defeat more like a minor battle. And even Angel knew they would be back. I don't see losing his family, being forced to lie and kill, playing by his rules.

It does not go with the Angel of canon, at least not the Angel I know. The Angel of canon, did not think of rewards, and I find it difficult to believe he would go off Now, after losing Buffy(for the time being)Wes, fred and cordy, to decide he wants a future.Not to mention him being physically able after what that fight would have done to him. In all honesty, we all know it will not be granted, that would end the fight and story. This is more of a keep fighting, because you are a champion story, and in the end a champion does the fight for the good, not for the reward. He will walk away gather the remaining gang and go off to fight again.

But we each have our own opinions. Only the Master of the story knows for sure.=)

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Actually, season 5 introduces us to an ancient all Powerful one who's time has passed her/him by. Someone who as you say, walked in many worlds, on many planes of existance. We have Lindsey talk about entropy with Angel. We have Angel deciding that he must do something quite different to have any hope regarding change. Most importantly, we again and again see W&H at a weakened state. Can you remember any other time when building security was so easily breached time and again? When a few runes scrawled on a wall could fool the Partners?

Not to mention all the nods to entropy.(Which after all is just about order regaining a new footing) Hamilton represents the Partners, Angel drains him. It was said that W&H was all powerful, but the subtext clearly told us that like Illyria, like the head in TGIQ, they had become overripe with power. Entropy was in play. A new order was in order. This is what Lorne saw and walked away from. Remember, he says not to come for him......he certainly doesn't see them dying.

As for Angel's reasoning in the comic, he was told to move on in TGIQ. He did, in more ways than one. That's the whole point of season 5. And remember, he did think about getting around the curse in season 3, while helping Cordi and Groo...and it seemed about Cordi. Seems to me that this is just a natural progression of story.

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