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July 08 2005

James announces extra London gig. New London gig, assurance on Toronto con, and James promises that his manager is going to let him spill the beans soon on those good things that are happening.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the "good news" involves a Spike telemovie. Please, please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!
I doubt it very much, as all the hints so far point to something filming later this year. Congratulations to him for not cancelling London as well - I knew I liked him :-)
I don't think it's the Spike movie. I'm making big assumptions, but I don't even think it's any movie, but a series. Why? because he's cutting back on cons/concerts after Halloween, so I'm thinking either it's a role on an established series or he's got a pilot on one of those networks that don't necessarily start in the fall. (Showtime, FX, etc.). There's some excellent pilots that haven't announced their cast (with top notch highly acclaimed/ award winning writers) so this Marsters fan has got her fingers crossed.

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I'm thinking its a tv show of some kind too. Although, not because he cutting back on cons. I had a feeling he was going to do that regardless, plus there aren't as many cons once summer is over anyway. Mainly, I think its a tv show because that's what he's been saying he wants - a steady job in Los Angeles - so he can take care of his family commitments.
Apparently James 'sort of' confirmed it was a series by way of violent head gestures, according to some reports! :P
Whoo with a side of hoo! Go James!
I was in Sacramento yesterday, and while I can't confirm that James' new project is a series, but I did witness those "violent head gestures" mentioned by Rogue Slayer.

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