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July 08 2005

New Canadian station airing Buffy re-runs. The new station, Razer TV, was launched on June 30th, 2005, as a division of CHUM.

I caught an episode today, they were airing 'Angel'.

And if you go to what they are calling the official website, you can get pictures of "zander"!
I'm happy for the producers of Buffy that they have another revenue stream (although probably not a big one).

O/T Looks like another outlet for recycling and maximizing profit for CHUM-bought programs. Then again, CITY and most of its siblings make for an interesting place to be on the TV dial. Unlike other cookie cutter channels. And, IMHO, there's the crown jewel: Space: TIS!
Space is one of the very few reasons we still have a cable subscription. I am sad about the lack of DS9 though.
"Zander"? But no Karisma Karpenter?
Maybe they'll interview Josh Wheaton?

Same for me, Herb. Space is the only reason for having cable. Until, that is, I signed up for digital service during a discount bundle promo -- having also been prodded by horrendous experience with Sympatico. Anyway, BBC World Service will be going on my bill after the free period. What a superb news service!

You folks in the UK may occasionally take it for granted but there's nothing that matches the breadth and competence of this news service, in English anyway (and I can't imagine there being much better than that in any other language.) No one else could afford it, I'd speculate.

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The Movie Network and SPACE (but The Movie Network especially) keep me happy as far as quality TV (first run and re-runs) is concerned. If I couldn't get all of HBO and some of Showtime's programming through The Movie Network by way of digital cable, I guess I'd have to spring for a dish.

Oh and I guess ABC (simulcast on Canada's CTV) kept me pretty entertained with Lost, Desperate Housewives, and the cancelled Life As We Know It. But I think I'll be switching to DVD-only for those.

And then I'll pretty much just be watching The Movie Network and DVDs--and network TV can truly be dead to me, yay!

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