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July 08 2005

Sideshow Drusilla. She looks awesome. I'm guessing she's from Becoming Part 1. The dress and collar seem to match up with what she wears on that but the necklace isn't the same and the collar isn't as puffy.

Here's a screenshot from Becoming pt. 1 where I think this dress matches up:

Red Dress

I'm kind of hoping I'm wrong because I was hoping that they are planning on making a William figure to go with Drusilla and if this figure is from Becoming, we may get a Spike figure in a wheel chair instead!
Holy crap!

That is the single most gorgeous piece of Buffy-memoribilia I have ever laid eyes on...must...order...NOW!!!
Well, you'll have to wait a little bit longer because she isn't listed for pre-order yet. Most likely in a week or two she will be. She does look absolutely fantastic and I think if she comes out as good as she looks in the preview she'll be their best yet.
you beat me to the post! ok so its from becoming, i thort it might be from a flashback. It'll go PERFECTLY with spike!!! cant wait! i think theres abit too much blood on her teeth but then again she is a vampire. and i dont think the fluffy stuff is the collar but a fur scarf like thing or whatever you call it, but if it is the collar its too thick

next up(in my order of preference)
new willow(hopefully that'll turn out well!)
the mayor

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off topic, but what do you guys think of the oz statue that you can buy online and then pick up at comic con?
Isn't the image from AtS season 2's Reunion? I seem to remember Dru in a red dress wearing a stole at some point...
Although, she IS being billed as BtVS Drusilla...

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That's what I was thinking, amystar...

Either way, she will look great with the rest of my Sideshow dolls!! What a likeness!!
Sorry to be a misery, but not keen on the likeness at all. I would have prefered a non vamp one first, then her in gameface later.

Costume looks good, but the collar is way overdone.

Sidehow look at your photographic reference properly!
Likeness is ten times better then ANY Faith one. How do they get the guys usually so good, and even Wills and Buffy, but mess up with Faith and Dru????

Those brunettes huh????
All I have to say is that Dru can bite me anytime! Juliet Landau is a much-underrated actress imo...anyone else here see her in the episode of La Femme Nikiti where she plays two distinct roles? She was awesome! And equally beautiful with short hair!!
Excellent! I now have a piece to complete my setting of these characters.
Isn't the image from AtS season 2's Reunion? I seem to remember Dru in a red dress wearing a stole at some point...

I don't think it is, I checked out that episode and she is wearing a red dress but the stole/coat thing she is wearing has like a tiger pattern on it. Here's a screenshot of that outfit:


How do they get the guys usually so good, and even Wills and Buffy, but mess up with Faith and Dru????

Huh? Did you mean Faith and Willow as the messed up figures and Dru and Buffy as the good ones? Because Dru looks fantastic and Willow didn't come out quite like they showed her to us originally. I don't know what it is with the Faith figures because even the six inch ones I've seen look like crap and nothing like the beautiful ED.

off topic, but what do you guys think of the oz statue that you can buy online and then pick up at comic con?

I was one of the lucky few who was able to nab one of the presale figures for non attendees but he hasn't been sent out yet - probably being shipped out next week. He looks great from what the pictures show but I'll reserve judgment until I actually have him for real.

I'm still thinking I could be wrong about what episode it is from. Dru quite often wore red dresses and the collar is way overdone for the Becoming episode, plus the fact that the necklace and blood on her teeth don't match up either. Guess we'll have to wait until they officially announce her and give us more details.

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Someone on another site corrected me and pointed out that Dru does have blood on her teeth in this episode when she kills the museum curator so now I'm convinced more than ever it is from the Becoming episode.

BD - I like your list but would only change it a little. I'd want:

Vamp Xander
New Willow
An Origins Darla to got with Angel
The Mayor
Adam instead of Glory because he'd just make a really cool figure
And a Halloween set of Victorian Buffy, Army guy Xander, Ghost/trampy Willow (Willow figure comes with a little sheet to go over her) and Kitty Cat Cordelia.
It's really fantastic that there are so many unique Buffy/Angel figures that we can think of. And not just like very minute differences, like clothing, but there are so many memorable characters and different situations and costumes. The Halloween versions of the characters would be an example, as Firefly Fantatic mentioned.

I think Adam would make a really interesting figure, because he's so unusual looking, unlike any vampire or demon or anything we've seen before. I'd still like to see Glory, though, and even her minions would be fantastic! Or Doc even!

The idea of a wheelchair version of Spike is also fantastic. Kendra would be nice, too. And the Trio! There's just so many!
What kind of things could come with a Trio set? Hm. A Boba Fett, freeze ray gun...
I'd also want a little Principal Snyder figure too! Definitely has to be on the small size though because if they make him as tall as Angel it just wouldn't do! Hee hee, a Trio set would be fun! I'm sure they could come up with some interesting accessories for them.
what about the MAYOR!! hes without a doubt one of the best villians! he and glory would be my top picks, then mayb adam. He would look great but Id rather a figure of a better character . obviously some of you do, but i dont want so many variations of figures like 3 buffy's 3 spikes! y not 1 normal spike with a vamp head accessory? i cant wait till i have the whole scooby gang!

but the Dru is DEFINATELY from becoming, its all the same bsides the necklace. And i think she should have been more crazy as a vamp, remember when she goes vamp she looks pshycotic and her eyes bulge out and are yellow, but the sideshow 1 still looks like her

see here..

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Then maybe her once-thought-of sisters: Monday, al...
I remember those bulgy yellow eyes from of my favorite lines:

Angel: Dru...

Dru: *growl/snarl* - whips head around...

Angel: Save me some...
brings back great memories... I think I'll go watch it again just to be sure :)
Well just watched the 2nd half of season 2 and this figure is definately from part 1 of becoming...and from Innocense, passion and becoming pt2 so its pretty much her outfit.
Funny, just today I was watching an episode of La Femme Nikita and it turned out to have Juliet Landau as a guest star. It's fascinating to see her in a different role.
I think part of the problem with the collar/boa thing is that it must be very hard to make something that small look accurate. But, I actually like the way it looks - looks more elegant which is how I've always seen Dru. Yes, she definitely wore that dress a lot during season 2 but rarely with the coat I think. Again, the only thing that doesn't seem to match is the necklace.

And I love the Spike and Buffy figures that I have but I really, really would like to see other figures of other characters before we get another one of them. Unless of course they do a Bride and Groom set of Buffy and Angel from Angel's dream - that I wouldn't be able to resist - well, let's be honest, I can't resit any of them!!
Ive noticed :P
she wears the dress for all the episodes i mentioned above but only wore the coat for a couple of eps.
They seemed to like the color red on her because a lot of her outfits are red - but then again she looks very good in that color!
up for PRE ORDER!!

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