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July 09 2005

Graphic shows rank history of Firefly DVD sales at Amazon. Hasufel's graphic shows that when the trailer was announced in the last third of April, Firefly DVD sales shot up and remained strong or got better as each round of preview showings was completed. (Reg. Req'd). The 'verse has got legs!

Fox.are.evil GO FIREFLY!
The site is down at the moment, hopefully it'll be back online soon.
That is fascinating. Who is buying the DVDs? I would see a movie on the strength of a trailer but not buy a box set of a show it was based on. And are there that many new people coming to the advance screenings? In any case, this is wonderful. We know, who better, how um, fond people can become of things Whedonesque. There are now, out there in the big wild world, that many more fans.
The sales trend line is pretty solid, not just marked by three-day blips. They remain consistent for weeks. It's pretty amazing.

As for who is buying, it can't be us, er, "fond" people. That would be a little overboard on the flan activist scale. Surely those are new customers.

Consider too the newspaper, magazine and online notices about Serenity; they must have drawn newbies.
Well, it is possible that there are people who found the show interesting but lost track of it with Fox bouncing it all over the place and once they realized there was going to be a big screen movie they were reminded that they kind of liked that show and were intrigued enough to want to now get the dvd set. And there have been several articles mentioning that Serenity is the type of movie that Star Wars and Star Trek fans would love so with the end of both of those franchises happening right now that might be enough incentive for those fans to be wanting to check out Firefly.

And the trailer just looks so damn good maybe it is just enough to tweak someone's desire to buy the series. A couple of my daughter's friend's saw the trailer with her and they were instantly hooked and excited about the movie and are planning on watching Firefly now.

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Hmmm didn't see it for sale in Barnes and Noble. Saw various Angel and Buffy DVDs and Miracles too (that was cool).
cool graph. btw, I saw Batman Begins last night and saw the BDT. Even though I attended a prescreening, it was still wicked exciting to see it on the big screen :)
Firefly Flanatic, a friend (and former colleague) who went to the second screening of Serenity in DC ended a blog posting by saying that she'd read somewhere that Serenity is where Star Wars fans (she was at the Uptown DC theater premiere in 77 and stayed a raging fan) go when they grow up, and she allowed as how that was pretty much on the mark. She also said that, per Joss's request/suggestion/plea that she would definitely be dragging people into the theater in late September and October. I'm totally with her on that...will be dragooning entire neighborhoods into the theater opening weekend...which is bizarre, because I never go to movies as a rule!

I've bought some additonal DVD sets...and distribute them far and seems to work very well pretty much all the time...I think for every one I buy and lend to someone, about 4 or 5 more are purchased, as folks realize this is truly a keeper...well, I hope so, anyway! (My wife, bless her, understands my flanaticism and totally indulges it.)

It's a divine madness, is it not?

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I bought five extra sets through Barnes & Nobles' June 'Buy 2, Get 1 free' sale. (I also bought "Angel" Season 2, which was the only Whedon DVD set I was missing.) Two of the sets were for gifts and the other three are for extra lending copies. I know I'll probably never catch up to ChrisinVirginia for converts, but I can make a valiant effort:).
I think it may well be a lot of us "fond" people. I recently bought 2 sets as presents (though not from amazon). I also know of 2 friends who bought their own after borrowing mine - prompted by the trailer (which I put on a CD and gave to them knowing that they have a dialup connection) and a desire to be better prepared for the movie.
Chris InVirginia, I love that story about your Star Wars friend feeling that way. I really think if enough of those hard core fans can get into Firefly they will tell as many friends as they can and this movie may be a huge success. It sure seems like it's building enough momentum right now to have that happen. And the fact that the box office results so far this year have been lukewarm I think even if Serenity is a mild hit that will be something fantastic and enough to get it a sequel. I've hooked a few people and my daughter is working on all her friends too, but nothing compared to all the stuff (and dvd sets you've bought). I admire your dedication and devotion (and your wife for understanding!).

And Samatawich, purplehazel and everyone else buying sets to give as gifts are great incentives too. I've bought a couple for gifts too and am just hoping those Star War/Trek fans take the bait because I know they'll love it.

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