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July 10 2005

Sean Maher's independent film gets a theatrical release. Living 'til the End will be playing October 21, 2005 at a theatre in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Sean - two movies within a month! In this film by Amanda Goodwin, Sean gets to showcase his talent as the male lead -- estate planner Jack Whilton - who "has been told by a psychic of his imminent death on his next birthday and lives out the year, as a agoraphobic, until he meets Audrey, who slowly coaxes him out of his self imposed bondage."

Thanks to liquideyes for the heads up!

Cool, that's great. I've been hoping for good things for this movie. Ever since I saw the original trailer (it had some Seal song), I thought it looked extremely promising.

I hope that, in addition to getting this theatrical release, they'll still continue shopping it around to film festivals in the meantime. I'm hoping to go to the Toronto Filmfest in early September for a bunch of films. Be great if this was there as an option.
That looks like a beautiful little film. The trailer really made me want to watch it.

Sean looks amazing, big surprise.
That's fantastic! Congrats Sean!
Whoot!!! I've never seen Sean in anything other than Firefly, so look forward to seeing this movie.
Hmm. That looks interesting. I hope it gets a wider release.

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