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January 22 2003

"Buffy unwrapped before her time" Story about wildfeeds.

Everyones favorite Buffy wildfeed summarizer interviewed.

Is this why he was late this week? Or is someone telling him not to post spoilage anymore? Like when Rosenzweig was told not to broadcast the Brokaw tape? Spoiler whore my butt. Leoff is a spoiler pimp and we love him for it.
The thing I love about Buffy and Angel wildfeed summaries is if I miss an episode...I atleast get the gist and one-liners. Of course the added pleasure of kicking myself for missing the episode. And...I do enjoy the spoliage naughtiness...hee hee.
I heart Leoff. And I'm pleased to say I've met him too :).
I had no idea that was how they did the spoilers. Stupid me, I thought people were snaking episodes from the lot or something.
*heh* Mutant Enemy can leak like a sieve when it wants too.

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