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July 10 2005

(SPOILER) Preview of the second issue of the Serenity comic book. Featuring four pages of Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews' penned dialogue for your delight.

I don't think this has been posted before.

Ooooh. Maybe there should be a spoiler warning?
Yeah, good point. I don't know how much of the comic book feeds into the movie.
I see the tradition of supposedly dead villains surviving is alive and well ;p

Although, he's not really the one I wanted to see again the most... Ah, well ;p
Oooh... Wash looks terrible, as does the frame with Inara
The cover with Book, though, is AWESOME!!!!
Umm, haven't seen the movie but am ordering the comics. Is getting the comics going to spoil something for the movie? I thought these were just supposed to be a bridge between the series and movie? Now I'm a little worried about reading them.
I see the tradition of supposedly dead villains surviving is alive and well ;p

Although, he's not really the one I wanted to see again the most... Ah, well ;p

Yeah, this is definitely not the surprise returning villian from the series that I expected to see again. Based solely upon these preview pages, I will admit that I'm a tad underwhelmed as I figured that Dobson was really and truly dead; let me stress that these first impressions of mine are based solely upon what we're offered here and nothing else, so I am still quite excited to buy and read these comics when they finally hit the stands.

I was about to launch into some huge big thing about 'how could he survive that shot to the head and even so how could he survive on a place like Whitefall? Wash warns Simon that it "...ain't exactly civilization in the strictest sense." Inara even seems to imply as much when she confronts Mal about dropping Simon and River there.
However, all that slight nitpicking aside, I should know better than to question Joss and his storytelling abilities. Perhaps Dobson has real survival experience, maybe he got picked up by some folks and brought into town, maybe he had backup on the planet who found him...maybe a lot of things that we might find out or not; doesn't really matter if it doesn't service the story.
I think many of us were hoping to see a return of the likes of Badger, Patience, Niska, YoSaffBridge (among many others), and maybe we still will.
Simon, as for how much of the comic book feeds into the movie, who knows at this point? I saw Serenity at the 23 June advance preview screening and (as stated before in other discussion threads) await these comics with breathless anticipation and intense curiosity. Good idea with the spoiler warning, though. I'd rather not have to submit an inviso-text heavy post, or make the moderators have to heavily edit my post (again! sorry!).
Firefly Flanatic, from what I've read about these comics, they are intended to bridge the 6-8 month (or more...again, who knows just yet?) gap between Firefly and Serenity and will likely enhance one's moviegoing experience when 30 September rolls around. As for BDM spoilers, the exceptionally few preview pages we've been treated to thus far don't appear to me to even hint at any. I think it should be safe :-)

I'd love to call bullshit on this. Though all we have to go on are few preview pages, I'm not liking this development so far. But it is entirely plausible that Dobson survived. I checked that specific scene in "Serenity" just now, freeze-framed it and everything just to make sure, and you really don't get a feel for where the bullet hit (except in his head, obviously). I always assumed it got him square between the eyes or in the usual cinematic spot of the middle of the forehead. It could've easily been his right eye though (what's he's missing in the comic there). When he falls to the floor, all we see is the left side of his face. Mal and Jayne, the only two people to touch Dobson's body after Mal shot him, don't appear to check for any signs of life. And they wouldn't, in their rush to get off the ground and away from the Reavers. I'm guessing Joss and/or Brett Matthews are simply taking advantage of that ambiguous, supposed end to the character to justify bringing him back, though it's possible Joss planned from the beginning for him to still be alive.

Maybe Dobson's a robot? , I would hate that more than a human Dobson being lucky and surviving.

Even though it was heavily implied that Whitefall was inhospitable, it's also not out of the question that Dobson got help from its citizens and maybe Patience herself. I can easily see her sympathizing with Dobson after her recent loss to Mal and backing him 100% in getting better and taking revenge. If Dobson's smart, he would've told a slightly different story than that of his actual Alliance background, since they aren't well-liked on most, if not all, of the border planets.

I'm surprised Inara is still with Serenity, I figured she'd be gone in the comics. I guess they're either at her destination in this issue, or she's still taking on clients at any inhabited planets they pass on the way to her departure point.

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I'm surprised Inara is still with Serenity, I figured she'd be gone in the comic. I guess they're either at her destination or she's still taking on clients at any inhabited planets they pass on the way to her departure point.

Well, that last frame might just be it. At least it would explain her strong reaction to a harmless comment about her schedule.

But the other thing. I really hope there will be a few words about how he survived. How the bullet went through his eye but not his brain (or only damaged "unimportant" parts and caused some disorder or personality change). Who saved him? Was Patience checking the spot Serenity was parked? Someone else? Did the explosion happen to draw curious folk to the right place to find him? Where did they get a decent enough doctor to fix him up (especially the "spare parts"). Or a tracking signal that allowed the Alliance to find him (at least they should have ways to save and patch him up). Alternatives are someone calling the feds after seeing his ID (unlikely) or again the Reaver incident and/or atmospheric explosion getting their attention.

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Funny, Dobson surviving didn't surprise me at all. Somewhere in the back of my head I thought I rememberred a comment that they were originally planning on bringing him back. (Commentary maybe? Don't remember.) Also, when something like that happens and someone is left for dead without it being confirmed they truly are, I always expect that they may show up again.
Yes, there's a remark in one of the commentaries that Dobson would have been back. So no one here really should be all that surprised.

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