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July 10 2005

'The Dive From Clausen's Pier' Official Site. A site for the tele-film (starring Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher) is now available on the net.

Within the site, there are bios of the two Whedonverse alums, as well as an interview with Michelle.

Michelle has done so well for herself since the end of Buffy. I'm so proud of her, in a huge crazy fanatic way. She's one of the youngest, most beautiful, graceful, and hard-working actresses out there. She SO could have held her own in a spinoff.
Just saw the trailer for that. Looks like it could be interesting.
I still think it is a little odd that she has to make out with Sean. Oh well. I'm just mad I won't be able to watch it.
I adore them both, can't wait to see this one!
Lifetime is so well-known for their overly sentimental, frequently melodramatic movies that I'm a little afraid to watch this, but frankly it does look better than a lot of stuff they've made, and having Sean and Michelle in it is a big draw for sure.

I just caught up on Michelle's "Six Feet Under" performances, and wow, she was really, really good. It's probably very intimidating to work with someone as amazing as Mathew St. Patrick, but she didn't show it. Tom Lenk's little cameo in episode two was also very funny.
chickenbird, isn't the fact that Lifetime movies are "overly sentimental, frequently melodramatic" an amazing insentive to watch them? I myself find them quite entertaining :)

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