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July 10 2005

Night Watch Movie - "Although ostensibly a story about lycanthropes & vampires in Moscow, the movie's real focus is the co-existence & balance between the forces of good & evil." BtVS mention.

Sounds interesting - anyone familiar with this movie or the books it's based on?

I've not seen it nor do I know anything about the books it's based on (actually, I didn't know that it is based on a a trilogy of Russian science fiction novels until I read this), but this certainly does look like it will be a great film.
Very impressive domestic box-office feat for this one too - that's great to see that a Russian film based on Russian literature is "the highest grossing film in Russian history." If only (and is if) something like that were ever the case here in Canada ;-). We as a nation tend to look down upon our own home-grown film productions, unfortunately.
Anyway, back on topic, the folks over at talk up Night Watch quite a bit with obvious excitement and anticipation (read more from them here.)
I hope it's upcoming limited release hits Vancouver. Great posting find, Firefly Flanatic!
I've seen the movie posters at the theater, and wondered what it's about. It sounds really good. I can't wait to see it.
Thanks Gorramit. I also think this sounds like a great movie and am also looking forward to seeing it. And as someone who also tends to enjoy the original story behind a movie I hope the books are or will be translated into English so I can read them!
I saw the movie poster at the theater too. Looks pretty damn good. Hopefully it'll be better than Underworld. Kate Beckinsale's still hot though.
Haha! The description for this link reminds me so much of a quote from Mike White's movie, Orange County, that kind of mocks, albeit lovingly, our hero Joss:

"I'm a comparitive literature major. Yeah, I want to be a writer. Fiction, poetry, screenplays, whatever, you know. Actually, I have an idea for a Tv show. It's about vampires, ostensibly, you know. But underneath, it's actually about the reunification of Germany. But it's funny..."
I saw the trailer for this online a while back and thought it looked well worth watching. The only problem I have is that it's currently set to be released the same day as Serenity over here and since I'm planning on watching Serenity multiple times I might not get around to seeing it before it vanishes.
I'm dying to see this movie (and can only hope it's going to be released down here in Hell's Armpit, TN). Thanks for the link, Firefly Flanatic!
I have actually seen this movie. I saw this at the LA Film festival INSTEAD of going to Riverside to see Serenity and Joss on June 23rd. I am still a tiny bit miffed about missing Joss (thanks again for trying Sodding Nancy Tribe) but this movie was quite entertaining. There was even a clip of Buffy playing on the television in one scene which made me very very happy.

I don't want to be spoilery so no more details than the Buffy scene will come from me but the cinematography was great - the story is quite riveting and it left me wanting more. Thank goodness for the sequels coming up. I sort of fell right into the story as I watched it which doesn't always happen when I am reading subtitles but I just got lost in there!
I'm excited this is getting shown in english speaking countries! Someone I work with is Russian, and they had been telling me all about this film (She thought it was really good, and has also read the whole trilogy) I was thinking the only way to see it was to hope for a DVD with english subtitles. I wonder if it will release in any other countries? I'd like to see it on the big screen here in NZ...

Firefly Flanatic: apparently you used to be able to download a (relatively) bad translation of the trilogy, but that was cancelled a little while ago. Hopefully this means with the movie's exposure to english speaking audiences they are going to publish the books in english too.
I hope so - the more I hear about this the more intrigued I am.
This does, indeed, look intriguing. I look forward to watching it.
Gorram: Re Canadian genre stuff. I just read that Guy Gavriel Kay's novel The Lions of Al-Rassan was optioned back in January and a script is in the works. See

Fingers crossed... It's my favorite of his books

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