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July 10 2005

Mysterious Skin to screen at Melbourne International Film Festival. This film, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg, will screen on 23 and 28 July.

I’ve been curious about this after various whedonesque discussions so am very pleased to get a chance to watch it here in Australia.

For further information: the ‘Rotten tomatoes’ reviews are available here and the trailer here .

i'd done my big list of dozen odd films to see at the film festival including this one, plus the making of Heaven's Gate, some music docos, Todd Solondz's newbie, Pixar's new short, and then thought screw it, I can't afford it all. Nuts. at least i can afford Sin City this week.
I caught this at the Tivoli a few weeks back. Trachtenberg did well by her role. I'd like to see her in something meatier. The film is not for the faint of heart. Solondz's Happiness is like a sunny musical in comparison.
I did like Mysterious Skin but as Ocular says it's definitely not for the faint hearted. Since you brought it up though I have to say that Happiness is one of my favourite movies. Not sure what that says about me but it's probably not good :)
This film has really been making its way around the festival circuit.

I didn't see it at the Seattle International Film Festival, but it won the audience awards (Golden Space Needle Awards) for Director Gregg Araki and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
I just watched the trailer, that movie looks fantastic. Very powerful and most likely will make me cry. I wanna see that one.

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