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July 11 2005

All the Rage comments on Spike second comicbook one shot. There's also some information on Seth Green's comicbook project "The Freshman".

Scroll down to: "Solve My Mystery"
"IDW’s first Spike one-shot hasn’t hit yet, but there’s already word that a second one-shot is in the works, for a January 2006 release. Reportedly, the second Spike one-shot will be primarily set in Los Angeles during the 1940s, with Spike coming under suspicion of being the infamous Black Dahlia killer. Angel, Fred and Los Hermanos Numeros are also said to make appearances in the story.The artist for the second one-shot will be Fernando Goni, who also drew the first one-shot. However, Peter David will not be writing this one… it will be someone new…"

How would Fred fit into this unless he's telling her the story at some point during season 5? I also thought the Black Dahlia thing was just speculation from people here or the IDW board, didn't know it had been confirmed.
Goddamn Freshman looks fun....
There is also a comment on the script for the Spike:Old Times one-shot here.
Good job on the speculation Simon.

Now this one, I can say looks very intresting, and I am a non spike fan. I will deffinatly have to pick this up. Been a fan of the Black Dahlia story a long time, and the added fact of Angel being there is also a plus.

They do say PRIMARILY set in the 1940's, so that speaks of time travel and how they will get away with Spike not being evil at the time like the publisher keeps insisting. I would say set in early season five,maybe a story or an actaul visit that gets Spike in trouble in the past, to which Angel and fred have to figure out how to rescue him. Meanwhile Spike gets all entagled in the Dalia mystery???? Just a thought.

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Hey! Go me!

I wonder who the writer will be. Using my powers of deduction, I say either Amber Benson or Drew Goddard.

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