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"Yeah, I never told anyone about this, but I--I liked your poems."
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July 11 2005

Brief review of Serenity comic A brief positive review of the Serenity comic due out on Wednesday from the Fourth Rail. No spoilers. Scroll down almost to the bottom.

"Serenity (the comic) is indeed a very good Serenity story, at least right off the bat. Matthews has the patter of the Firefly cast down just perfect, and the use of chinese characters in the lettering does a pretty good job of capturing the sprinkling of Chinese cursing that was such a great flavor element in Firefly. There's also some pretty strong action, courtesy of Will Conrad, and overall this reads like a lost episode of Firefly, bridging the end of the series and the beginning of the movie. It's as good as you could ask for, and makes me hope for more Serenity comics in the future (beyond just the two that will finish out this miniseries)."

I'm soooo looking forward to this, it's a little sad.

I can't wait until I get my comic, there's so much I need explained!
I stopped reading comics before many posters on this board began to draw breath on planet Earth, but I think I'm going to have to get this one!

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