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July 11 2005

Kitchen Confidential & Bones premiere dates just released by FOX. ...courtesy of

Personally, I can not wait for Kitchen Confidential with Buffy allum Nicholas Brendon

I was hoping that K.C. would be an hour long show, but aparently, it's only half an hour. Also, I'm glad to see that we don't have to wait an extra month or so for the OC like we had to do last season. But still, I HATE FOX and I'm just hoping KC will make it :)
I guess they decided to move Bones up a week to allow one more episode before the baseball stuff takes out Tuesday nights for a month. It was initially set to start Sep 20. I hope this helps it get a good enough start to avoid the fickle finger of Fox's cancellation team. I am so looking forward to seeing DB on TV again, even if it'll just be a few episodes and then gone for a month. I'll be waiting when it comes back!
I think that House will be a great combo with Bones. Hopefully, with the two being paired together, they will have a much better chance. I realize that Fox is the devil, but House has established solid numbers. This HAS to be a good pairing. *crossing fingers*
I am so excited about both. I can't wait to see Nicky and DB again. They are both so extremely talented and deserve to be front and center again. It is great that not only are they back, they are back on good shows, with great writers and Fox does seem to be big on them both.
Think the "Save Bones" and "Save Kitchen Confidential" sites should be started now are do you think FOX will give them more of a chance since they're part of the Fall schedule?
I think that our community really is only a half a step away from being jaded enough to do stuff like that batmarlowe. In fact, I encourage it, because that's hilarious.
Smiles, everyone, smiles!

I'm going to do something here that I almost never do in a public forum: express optimism. For the Fall 2005 season, BONES will be the lead-in for HOUSE, and if the show is even marginally interesting, that should guarantee DB and Co. enough of an audience to stay on the schedule. Arrested Development and KC are Fox's Comedy Hour of Power on Monday, and a decent showing along with critical raves should give KC a shot at a full thirteen and a renewal. If they're even with or just under Aly's "How I Met Your Mother" in the ratings, we'll see either a full 22 or another 13 come 2006.

Take the optimism with a grain of salt. I just finished watching the last ep of Wonderfalls. What a great series. When is Season 2 coming out?
cjl, you're right, the success of a show depends a lot on timeslot, and what it's paired up with. House and Arrested development have established audiences, and the audiences for their companion shows will be similar. I am not as pessimistic about the fate of new shows as most people here, and I'm not sure why. I just always think that you never know how well a show will do. Look at Lost, which is a genre show that was hit from the beginning. How'd that happen? And look at Arrested Development. Fox is keeping that show although it hasn't had the ratings the network wanted.

Fox doesn't cancel a show because it's good, it cancels becuase of low ratings, although the good ones tend to not be the shows most people want to watch. But sometimes Fox spends millions of dollars on a show and then purposely sabatages it, which makes no sense to me at all. I guess they have tons of money to throw around.

Ok, on second thought, I guess I do distrust Fox. But I still watch new shows on that network if they look good, and I'll always support the Mutant Enemy people, no matter what. I won't punish Tim Minear or whoever for the mistakes the network made, because it will only hurt the people making the shows.

I guess I'm a hopeful pessimist. Or an optimistic pessimist. My heart keeps getting broken (Tribeca - cancelled by Fox just after a few episodes in 1993, Freaks and Geeks - cancelled by NBC in 2000, Firefly, Angel, Wonderfalls, and now The Inside) and yet I still keep watching new shows that have promise, waiting for the next great series.

Zoe said it best in Heart of Gold: "I'm not so afraid of losing something that I won't try havin' it." And that's my motto. No matter how many times my heart gets broken, gets yanked from my chest and thrown on the ground and stomped on, I'll keep trying to love something. It's the love itself that makes the heartache worth it.

ETA: cjl, isn't Wonderfalls amazing? That show had the magic I keep looking for. As a complete series, it has a perfect complete story arc, much like a great novel that has no sequel. I like how it leaves so much to the imagination. It questions why the muses speak to Jaye, but it never answers it for us. "Are you God? Are you Satan?" It just gives us hints at a spiritual design, and answers us more in actions (Jaye inadvertantly helping people) than words. It's a spiritually uplifting show, without being preachy. When I finished the series I felt such hope for people like me who are unlucky in life and love, and that's the kind of shows that should be on television.

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