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July 11 2005

Gloomy, moody shows brighten summer TV. Five shows to watch this summer according to MSNBC. 'The Inside' inside.

Brief mentions of Jane Espenson and Tim Minear.

Good description of the show. I liked the little shout-out to Jane episode, which was by far my favorite :)
The Jane episode was my favorite too, until last week's Thief of Hearts. Looks to me like the series has found it's footing.
Looks to me like the series has found it's footing.

If only Fox felt that way. :(
I love how the critics and publications come out of the woodwork after the show has been effectively cancelled. Bah!
I really started liking it after the Jane Espenson episode. Then again, I was really impressed by the pre-filer episode and the two that aired last week too. What a pity it'll be off the air soon.
You never know. Msybe word of mouth will catch on and the rating will go up and Fox will order more episodes?
They didn't renew the cast's contract last week when it expired (or maybe the week before that?). So if they suddenly decided to un-cancel The Inside, I guess they'd have to re-sign them? Meaning they'd be shit outta luck if any or all of the cast had moved on already (unlikely, especially since it's not pilot season. But they all could've gotten signed for movies--mainstream, indie, or TV).

The Inside is completely dead, plain and simple. I'm just hoping they air all the episodes.
It was the week before last, Kris. And you are correct. This will be another Fox series that will sail into the sunset in its opening season, if it gets that far. Firefly, Wonderfalls, now the Inside. I'm starting to grow weary of the Fox network.
I have to say that I thought episode 6 was very good, though I think it was because it was the first episode that didn't focus on Rebecca.
With no more of The Inside forthcoming once the remaining eps have aired, Fox has effectively erased themselves from my TV schedule for the rest of the summer.

I'm beyond weary of their hair-trigger cancellation hatchetry. If the strategy is to train once-loyal viewers like me to be wary of committing time to anything new and intriguing they trot out, they're succeeding. Like a good little Pavlovian subject, my finger is now negatively conditioned to switch them off in favor of other programming that doesn't try so blatantly to worm its way into my awareness, only to disappear once my interest has been piqued.

Though I'll be checking out Bones in September (actually taping it for later watching while Gilmore Girls is on), in spite of DB's charisma I already fear for its future, unless it's got some very strong advocates behind the scenes.
I have to say I was more than disappointed while on vacation last week to have had one opportunity to get on a computer and check W, only to find the news of The Inside's cancellation. I wouldn't balk at news that all writers and actors from the Whedonverse just happened to stop working with Fox. This is obviously an irrational little dream, inasmuch as it obviously would not be wise for anyone to do. But, a girl can dream. I can't stop torturing myself when it involves anyone from the Whedonverse on Fox. I just keep getting disappointed.

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