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"Well he doesn't traditionally bring presents so much as you know, disembowel children."
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July 11 2005

Video: Fans sing to Joss. Check out the A/V room on the Serenity site to see Joss at the June 23 Riverside pre-screening, and watch some loyal Browncoats wish him a happy birthday. REG REQ.

Wow, that's some bad singing! Looks like a lot of fun.

Thanks Succatash that was nice to see.
Love the Strongbad reference:

"Just the claps! Just the claps..."
I was disappoointed that my friends and I weren't in any of the pictures from the event, but now I'm SO much happier! We all got to be in a video singing happy birthday to Joss...a tear forms from happines.
Wow, that's just too cool.
filmgoddess from the Serenity board is putting together a video from all the footage of the venues who sang "Happy Birthday" to Joss. In Vancouver, our video came from the picnic we had in June where we also sang "The Ballad of Serenity" (on the DVD) and "Hero of Canton" (thankfully excluded :)).

By now Joss should have most of the 33 banners and one birthday card from the screenings. I think he may have to add a room to his house! LOL
I do believe I recognize someone in that little clip. *coughSNTcough*

Joss. Right there in front of you. Not jealous at all. Nope. Not me. :)
Well thanks for blowing my cover, Ang . . . :)

I think I can now die happy, having fulfilled one of my great personal ambitions of being in a movie with Joss. (Although, frankly, I hate seeing myself on film). Thanks for filming that, whoever it was, and thanks Succatash for posting it here. Yippee!
Ahh, that was sweet:) I just wish Joss would have worn the littl' pointy hat. Thanks for providing the links, Succatash.
SNT was that you who they zoomed in?
No, it wasn't, charisma. That was a really nice guy who stood pretty close to me in the line - and I have no idea why they zoomed in on him. I'm any one of the other really good looking and young, yes *young*, guys standing there. Just pick one. :)

Didn't Joss look great? A wee bit tired (understandably so - he told us he'd been in the recording studio doing the score all day), but more youthful than ever. *coughgratuitiescoughthanksjosscough*

(Added) Oh, shout out to Michael, the young guy in blue also holding a video camera who was good enough to take one of my spare tix. Hi, Michael!
And the gorgeous redhead talking to Joss is Rosalie, the Riverside mover 'n shaker who coordinated the banner and such. Yay!
Thank you, Succotash, I always have a devil of a time finding links on my own at the official site. Joss was so funny and gracious with this, I want him to be my bestest friend!
Awww. That was so sweet!
What a great clip. *trying to stifle envy of those who live in CA*
SNT, I had seen a few still pictures of Joss from the day and thought that he did look great. Relaxed, very happy and yes, far younger than his years. I don't understand why he keeps going on about his weight. He looks great. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's a thing. Now I have to go back and find you.
SNT, you're starting to become a "Where's Waldo". Spotted you in the video, but I won't ruin the challenge for the other members. BTW, you look good. Again, thanks so much for covering these events for us.

Must agree with Lioness, I thought Joss looked great.
Madhatter, what is SNT wearing?
Sorry, Lioness. That's cheating. You know what kind of 'right hand man' SNT has always been towards Joss at these events.
I spotted SNT in the pictures, but when I first saw this clip, I didn't notice him until I read this thread. Then I went back and watched again, and yup, there's SNT.

It looks to me like Joss has lost weight. But I don't like to mention people's weight in forums because it's a touchy subject, and it really doesn't matter. I just hope he's staying healthy. He looks hot though. Hee!
SNT, you're starting to become a "Where's Waldo".

Look what I did. *giggle*
I'm so glad Universal put out footage of that. I was so relieved and glad when Rosalie volunteered for Riverside, at that point, I counted the project a success, and anything above that was pure gravy. And there was lots and lots of gravy. It was a great international Browncoat effort. Great work, one and all.
oooh that made me all happy.
And there you are, SNT! Where's my prize?
If he ever starts wearing contacts instead of glasses, how will be find Waldo SNT at all these events?

BTW, we in Providence were just as off-key as you all in Riverside. :-)
Well, if he insists on hiding almost immediately, how can we be expected to see him? SNT, that is!
Haha, Lioness, I noticed that too. ;)
I think he's just being respectful and trying to stay out of frame. There's nothing to read into it.

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