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July 12 2005

Artwork for Complete UK Angel DVD Boxset Revealed. As reported in an earlier story, except a picture is now available.

It will complement my Buffy box perfectly.

Looks kinda "eh" to me. Not as cool as the Buffy set was.
Seasons 1-5? That can't be right.. is Season 6 being sold separately then?
Actually, kinda' like the look, reminds me of the Angel soundtrack CD. My question is will Fox do the same release in region one? Or will it be the same as the BtVS complete season release (ie. all seven season boxsets in one shipping box).
Great! Looks like the BtVS-Collectors-Edition Set (that's the red/brownish one, not the one with all seven season boxsets in one box). Going to pre-order it as soon as it's available at Amazon. :)
I bought mine last time from choices Direct. Their service was extremely good. I'll wait until it appears on the Find-DVD website, so I can find the cheapest outlet!
I sure am envious that they haven't produced one of these for the U.S.! I have all of Angel and of course Firefly but no Buffy--have been holding out for a box set like the one released in the U.K.

And for those on the referenced other thread who wanted more info on what the Buffy box set looks like, a nice non-member asked me to post this link to some pictures:

Thanks to Alan for the photos!
I still don't see the point of these without actual new content on the discs.
I havenīt buy any of the Angel sets, waiting for this one.
Iīm in R2, so perfect.
But I donīt know if this has at least spanish subtitles.
I need them to view the series.

Anyway, I donīt know if I should wait for the HD-DVD or Blu-Ray versions now.

The Buffy and Angel sets donīt look bad, but not great.
I was thinking the same thing as eddy. Why exactly am I supposed to buy DVDs that I already have?
Well, eddy and Elo, one reason would be to make many more converts to the cause of Whedon. I myself would be delighted to buy the complete series boxsets of both BtVS and AtS, thus enabling me to lend out my single season sets willy-nilly and hither and yon. Too bad I don't have the cash for that right now, but one day . . . oh yes.

But new content would be shiny.
But new content would be shiny.

And also even more of a kick in the face for the early adoptors (a.k.a. the true fans).
Angel TheVampire, do your Buffy DVDs have spanish subtitles?
And also even more of a kick in the face for the early adoptors (a.k.a. the true fans).

Well, whether it would be or not, I have a strong aversion to the term "true fans."

If you show, in whatever fashion, that you love the work, it doesn't matter if you discovered it in the womb or in your dotage, as one of the avant-garde or lamentably behind the times - you're still a fan in my book. IMHO.
Thank you, SNT. I became a fan of Angel in its second season and it remains my favorite show of all time. I also love Firefly and am now watching Buffy for the first time! (halfway through Season 6). I could really use a complete box set and definitely consider myself a true fan.

I think it is important to remember that new Jossfans are born daily :) His work is not time-sensitive and in fact, it might even be easier to become a fan by watching the DVD's because you don't have the constraints of needing to be home at a certain time for a TV show, you avoid those pesky breaks between seasons, and no commercials!

I do however agree that it would be annoying to those who bought each season sequentially for a box set to have lots of new stuff.
I have all 12 seasons of BTVS and AtS, but I would buy some specialty ones with added footage. I would really like to see something along the lines of "Love and lust in the Buffyverse", with some of the hotter episodes with added footage to get them up to a R rating. Yes, dirty old woman here. Joss once said he wishes he could have done more extensive sex scenes than broadcast TV allowed. This would be a way to do it. Or if they would have put additional footage in those like the Spike set. As it is, I don't intend to buy them. I guess they were designed to give not-yet-fans an intro to the verse. And it would have been nice if the fans could have voted on their favorite Spike (or whoever) episodes. It might have been more representative.
I'd love to see a DVD set of all the Angelus/Darla/Drusilla/Spike flashbacks in chronological order. That would be so neat, and fun for a geek to put together. Someone should start that project.

I'd also buy a DVD set with all the extra footage we didn't see. Gag reels and deleted scenes that didn't make it onto the DVDs, with commentary from the actors/writers/directors. That would be the stuff I'd pay for.
Yep, I'm a viewer who's been with the franchise since Buffy Season 1 and I've managed to hold off on buying any DVDs of this franchise so far (though I did buy two of the three VHS video collections they released. The Faith-centric Season 3 "Slayer Collection" though was announced around the time we knew we were getting DVDs, so I skipped it). Firefly was the first Joss DVD boxed set I bought (twice! I know, that's nothing, some people have bought a dozen or more and given them to family and friends).

I can survive on the occasional repeat, though to be honest, after Angel was cancelled I gave the Buffyverse a much-needed rest. I think it'd be cool to maybe not watch it for a decade and then sorta rediscover it. I can manage to do that since there's still a lot of TV on DVD to discover, not to mention all the movies out there--probably more than I'll have time to see in one lifetime. The not-watching plan goes out the window if someone asks to be converted and I have the opportunity to get into it with them. We can rent the DVDs no problem, but I'll be greatly appreciative if/when Fox Home Entertainment decides to grant us a complete series boxed set.

I should probably just wait for whatever format becomes dominant after DVD. That could be close, right?
electricspacegirl said:
"Angel TheVampire, do your Buffy DVDs have spanish subtitles?"

Yes, theyīre the spanish sets.

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