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July 12 2005

Firefly and the Small Screen. One of the special-effects wizards of Firefly discusses whether or not a successful performance of Serenity could result in a small-screen resurrection of the television series.

So...he's saying that there are no plans to return to TV but he'd like to see it. I think Joss has a special place in his heart for TV and would be willing if the situation was right...only on TV can you develop the characters, and allow the fans to watch them grow as people. Time will tell but I remain hopeful!
I find myself slightly irritated by that guy... and I don't know why. He did some astounding work on 'Firefly' though, so I'll give him that!
I think that Joss could work with Universal and the Sci-Fi Channel on a non-Firefly related sci-fi series or mini-series and I would love to see Joss do a Fray movie with Universal, but not the Sci-Fi Channel, because Fray would have to be a big budget movie.
I maybe wrong (and if I am, please correct me) but I was under the impression that 20th Century Fox retained its television rights of 'Firefly'. The rights they released to Universal were for movie production only. And though 20th is allowing the Firefly episodes to air on SciFi, I was seeing that as more of 'Serenity' promotional deal that the two studios worked out. I don't think 20th released it television rights to SciFi. If SciFi is interested in resuming the series, wouldn't they need to deal with 20th? Or did I miss something?

With that said, I believe it's a moot point. I don't see 'Firefly' returning as a television series, at least, not in the foreseeable future.

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That was certainly my understanding of the situation, Madhatter.
I was under the impression that 20th Century Fox retained its television rights of 'Firefly'. The rights they released to Universal were for movie production only.

As I understand it, Universal has the rights to three movies, but not the series. 20th Century Fox retains rights to the series, but cannot release anything new on television until the movies are completed or the rights revert.
This question came up at the Riverside screening. Whenever it's come up, Joss has been pretty clear about the answer...he's open to just about anything if the circumstances were right. If I remember it correctly, he said something to the effect that he was "still Serenity/Firefly's bitch."

Of course, he's always wanted to be a film director. Understandable, movie directing is still seen as the big leagues, the "real" thing. Television is no longer seen as a lower form of media life, but I'll never forget the reason Preston Sturges, the first really famous writer-director, gave for wanting to direct. Being a movie director made you, a "prince of the blood."
Yes, the problem with this article is the person quoted doesn't actually understand the rights issue. 20th C.Fox still hold the TV rights. Sci-fi (owned by NBC/Universal) have licensed cable-only rights for previously produced episodes only.

Additionally, 20th C.Fox still hold Joss Whedon's TV contract - if he wants to return to TV, it has to be with them. Although obviously they let him produce TV shows for the highest bidder.

Additionally, there is FBC (Fox Broadcasting Company) thrown into the mix. Let's not get into that one on a public forum, but they also hold certain rights to Firefly.
Well, after the movies, everyone from Firefly will be big movie stars and a tv network wouldn't be able to afford them, let alone provide a budget ample enough to do the special effects. So, I don't see it returning to the small screen either. ;)
Ok, the expression "grasping at straws" has gotten a whole new meaning as of now, but I can take anything. Everyone! Listen up! If you, unlike me, is in the position to acquire Sci-Fi, do it and watch it everyone. And for god's sake please let the network know that you do. And that you love it. I know that Joss likes Fireflyverse in the theatre but I'm in constant denial about that. It is no doubt that Serenity will be one of the highlights of the year when it comes to the art of moving pictures. But it will only happen once this year and even if there's a sequel we'll might have to wait 2-3 years for it. I want a highlight 22 times per year. I'm sorry Joss if I'm greedy but the more the merrier in my book. If I could I would exchange this whole movie for 4 new episodes. But atleast I know I'm delerious so I guess I just have to accept the reality of the situation and enjoy the Serenity trilogy. :9
Djungelurban - you're not greedy my friend! Or, we're both greedy. Make that a triple choc fudge ice cream. I too would rather have 4 episodes, if only for the fact that a movie will only be 2 1/2 hours max, and 4 eps would be...more. OK, my maths sucks, but the sentiment is there! Who's with me? eh?!
Anybody can get 22 new episodes of Firefly! Just paypal me $10m to rebuild Serenity and $1.5m per episode for cast, crew, VFX etc -- I'll sort out Joss!


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