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July 12 2005

Sing Praise to Joss Whedon! Talented musician Stan Peal sings Praise to Joss Whedon and also a song about Jayne's Hat.

These songs are excellent! Web page includes lyrics.

lol that is excellent
oh I loved 'Praise to Joss Whedon'! So funny.
And true.
Thank Succatash! I can't stop grinning.
Those were great, I think he even sounded a bit like Jayne in the hat song. Hmmm fan vid???
So shiny! Loved both songs, but "Jayne's Hat" is particularly hysterical.
This was just so funny! We Joss fans are pretty damn scary, atleast that's what non-Whedonites must. I wonder if Joss has ever thought about ending his career, moving to a wooden cabin, declare himself a cult leader and invite all Whedonites to join him. I'm sure that he'd get a couple of thousands of loyal followers within a day.
Zuckerbaby played me one last weekend at our Aussie Browncaots Shindig that was soooo beautiful. It was a new version of the Firefly theme song and it mde me get all teary. Does anyone know where that is to listen to???
lol Djungelurban - that wooden cabin wouldn't happen to be located in one or other of the Nordic countries by any chance? :)

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