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July 12 2005

Extended "Kitchen Confidential" Preview. Nick's official site has posted the extended preview of "KC"!

I wish they had selected NB to be the lead in this show, because the current one is so unappealing. I'd give it a shot, but it looks incredibly bad with not enough NB to make it worthwhile.
I disagree. I love Will Cooper.

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I respectfully disagree -- I think Bradley Cooper does a great job in this show. I admit I was surprised how good he was, because on Alias he didn't have a lot of chances to show his comedic side.

I do think the rest of the cast is equally funny though, and should all be treated slightly more as an ensemble and less as just supporting cast. Nick and John Cho are especially good.
Will Tippin unappealing? No way! I love Bradley. He is such a good under rated actor.
I watched this show's pilot the other day. I did enjoy it, and hope they do show more about the supporting characters. Bradley Cooper is great as the lead, but with such an appealing and talented supporting cast, they have to show case more of them in the following episodes.
Nick didn't even do a lot in the pilot episode, which was mostly about Cooper's character. But the few scenes he was on, he was really great.
Oh my god, Will Tippin was one of the most compelling characters in the first 2 seasons of Alias. IMO, more compelling than Vaughn. I still miss him on the show, but I'm glad Bradley Cooper got his own series. He's one sexy guy. Now I'm just waiting for the slash fanfic inspired by Nick Brendons latest risque comment.

On a side note, about 6 months ago I netflixed a little Canadian horror film called My Little Eye because of my mild obsession with Kris Lemche. Bradley Cooper is in it and plays a really creepy character. I don't recommend the movie because it was very disturbing, and not in a good way, but Cooper's character was so unlike Will Tippin. He did a very good job of being sleazy and increasingly creepy. *shudders*
Loved Bradley Cooper in Alias and agree totally with ESG that he was way more compelling than Vaughn - why couldn't it have been Vaughn they got rid of?!! Anywho, looking forward to this show bigtime.
I have no clue. I don't watch Alias and I simply don't know Bradley Cooper. All I know of him is what I saw in this little preview. I think he did a very good job, however I did get a bit of feeling he has a chance to get outplayed by NB. Xander only had moments to be in the foreground, but usually stayed in the background. Here, as Seth he was very much in the foreground in the few scenes he had. On the other hand Mr Cooper did a very nice job in reacting to NB's acting.
If NB's character is based on the sous-chef Steven T. from the book, then NB has the better role. It's one of those priceless, scene-stealing, lovable rogue characters. Bourdain devoted quite a few pages to his sous-chef's antics, most of them hysterically funny, often sexy and bordering on the criminal.

Bradley Cooper has the tougher role as the Tony Bourdain-character, but he's not without his charms, so I'm fairly confident he'll be fine. I never saw much of him in Alias (Better than Vaughn? Who wouldn't be? A cardboard cutout would be more expressive than that guy!), but he was in a fluffy tv movie with Emma Caulfield (the romantic comedy "I Want To Marry Ryan Banks" on the Family Channel, where he was quite lovely as the romantic interest.

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I can only hope that Kitchen Confidential, paired with Arrested Development, will usher in a Grand New Era of sitcoms without a laugh track. Somewhere around the tail end of Seinfeld I started to get really annoyed at being told when to laugh.

Anyway, really looking forward to this. And to seeing more of Bradley Cooper, who is indeed sorely missed on Alias.
Another little bit of Bradley Cooper trivia: he was on a show called "Miss Match" with Alicia Silverstone about a year ago...he was quite funny as her "metrosexual" love interest. Charisma Carpenter and Nathan Fillion were also on the show several times. I actually liked that show and was sad to see it cancelled....
I loved "Miss Match" and thought it was a great little show. Loved seeing Charisma and Nathan on it too and if the show had gone on it looked like Nathan was going to have a recurring character (possibly the love interest). But, things have been going well for him with that little movie coming out so I can't complain!
Just about a million Whedonverse actors guest-starred on Miss Match. I was sorry to see it go, too. It was genuinely funny. The networks have no sense.
and the ironic part about Miss Match's demise, is that the was show in the old Buffy soundstage.
Oooh, I didn't know that Numfar PTB. I wish they would release a DVD of Miss Match, including the 8 or so unaired episodes!

Back on topic, I wasn't impressed with the trailer of KC though I am definitely planning to tune in come fall.
Right there with you all, on Will/Bradley. I'm halfway through Season 2/Disc 2 of Alias, and he's a major reason I'm still watching. Funny, smart, believable, adorable, heartbreaking...he's just about perfect. Looking forward to seeing him snarky and strung out, if the show really sticks to the book and tries to recreate the weird charm of Tony Bourdain. Plus, I imagine some possible great chemistry between he and Nick. I'm in. I'll give you at least three eps to hook me, boys.

electricspacegirl said:
Now I'm just waiting for the slash fanfic inspired by Nick Brendons latest risque comment.

Oh, you cheeky little monkey -- now you've got me all flustered. fans self
Bad, bad, electricspacegirl....

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And to think I tried to help you watch this preview ;) Wait, Nick Brendon is Glory? (JOKING, jeez!) In all seriousness, I meant to convert this to QuickTime to make it easier on the .wmv-challenged, which I may try this evening if I get time.

.mov -- its watermarked cause I don't have any of my actual tools here at work.

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