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July 12 2005

Serenity Merchandise at TFAW - Just got an e-mail from TFAW announcing new merchandise.

And from the e-mail it had this bit of news:

"And lots more Serenity merchandise is scheduled to hit shelves in the coming months."

I'm very excited about the companion guide and the magazine but can anyone tell me what's the difference between the regular magazine edition and the "PX" edition? They look the same and had the same description. I hope the "upcoming new merchandise" is stuff we haven't heard about yet.

Edited to add that I just realized that the two magazine covers aren't the same picture - duh!

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-07-13 02:35 ]
Thanks for the heads up - look at all those goodies!
Oh I want that RPG game! We played Bwah! This last weekend and it was a hoot! I'd actually really enjoy a Serenity RPG I think!

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