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July 13 2005

Serenity WORLD PREMIERE in Scotland on August 22nd. Completed film, screened twice, with Joss in attendance. Also a documentary called Reel Life: Joss Whedon. Edinburgh. August. BOOK FROM FRIDAY. EDIT: Press release here.

This is exceptionally cool.

Empire Magazine article here. They say the full cast will be in attendance.

I'll be at the Q&A. Oh yeah.
OOOOO I wanna be there! I'd sell my soul. Serenity isn't out here for ages too :(

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Bloody hell, might have to plan a roadtrip.
Damn just checked the date and I'm going away on the wednesday already.
Hmm, tough call.
Why is this happening for the Edinburgh Film Festival... I mean, what? Do major studio releases do this normally and I've never heard of it before? And the San Francisco film festival is way HUGER in the film world, *hint* *hint*.

argh, can you tell, I'm jealous?
AARRGGHH!! Had to be while I'm on holiday didn't it.

Shame, because despite living hundreds of miles away I would have tried my damndest to get there.

Guess it's back to my original plan of bashing on the door of the local cinema at midnight on October 6th till they let me in.
*bounces about the office*

YAY!!!!! They shouldn't announce this during the working day, my reactions only underscore my Geek credentials at work!
Bugger- I'm away in Italy - but I have scottish friends who are just ecstatic. Can't believe they've scooped the World Prem. Yay for Britain.

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Anyone think it's kinda sneaky to premiere it in Scotland?
Do you know if Joss is going to be at both screenings gossi? I can make it to the monday one (in theory though it might envolve sleeping at the station or something :) ), but not wednesday.
Given that he's doing a Q&A on the day in between, he might well say hello at the screenings.

Edinburgh is the world's longest-running film festival (beating Cannes by a year) and has hosted a mass of UK premieres in that time, and a few world ones too.

And now this one.

I don't know. I will stalk people and find out as I want to love him up also. Okay, this post isn't as scary as it sounds.
Reel Life: Joss Whedon:
Hey, I have an idea. Why don't all the folks who can't be at the Scotland premiere line up at their local theater in protest...two weeks in advance! Hey, some people think that's a good idea.

But seriously, I think this is good news. It's going to get a lot of press. Let's hope the festival goers like this movie. Yay for Scotland!
but I have scottish friends who are just ecstatic

and to prove my point....

*bounces about the office*

That'd be you Mara, right? ;) The Festival is a good launch pad for the film. Even if I can't be there *wonders if the family holiday can be cancelled*
Heh! Yup, TDTG, that'd be me! And what's a holday compared to this? Go on, you know you want to cancel... *evil grin*
Yes Mara, "you know you want to cancel" I can hear the response "you know you wanna divorce" - divorce - Premiere. No brainer really, I guess plenty more fish ;)
Wait, there's also a documentary about Joss? Will people who can't go to this ever get to see it? Message to TPTB: Put it on the DVD! Please.
It's not a documentary, it's a Q&A session. Live. With him in the room.
There's a documentary film on Joss Whedon, too, called Reel Life. Also a Q&A.
Oh, how interesting. I just so happen to be arriving in Edinburgh on the 24th of August. Fascinating that. I wonder if I'll be able to squeeze this in..?

*Wonders for a moment.. cancels all previous plans.. pitches hypothetical tent outside Edinburgh Cineworld*
When is the Q&A? The same day as the Reel Life film? Hmm, I'm supposed to be going to a gig that night, might have to cancel but damn it I can't cancel my trip on wednesday.
This is so exciting, and I hope it will stir up interest with the Foreign Press (the people who hand out Golden Globe awards) because I would really like for 'Serenity' to get some notice. I wish I could be in Scotland, but I have been able to see the advanced screening here, so I guess I can just be thrilled for everyone in the UK (tell us all about it, okay?).
The Edinburgh Film Festival is part of the HUGE Edinburgh Festival. It has so many different aspects that it pretty much takes over the entire city for a couple of months every year.

[Edited to spell correctly]

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Well Simon, you wanted a premier near you. One hour ferry trip and a hundred miles or so...

I might even make it, and it's a nine hundred mile round trip for me. Sleep is for little people!
Isn't Simon on holiday at the moment? I'm worried he's going to miss the boat (pun intended) with this one.
The Edinburgh Film Festival is part of the HUGE Edinburgh Festival. It has so many different aspects that it pretty much takes over the entire city for a couple of months every year.

Yeah, I was thinking that might make finding somewhere to stay pretty tricky.

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hey, Paul_Rocks, you're not by chance going to see The Dresden Dolls that night are you? Cuz that gig was the reason I'd planned to be in town on the 24th. Now that I've heard about this though, I've decided to catch them in Glasgow on the 25th instead.
No, I'm going to see Bad Religion in Manchester that night. Was already torn as Weezer have since announced a gig here that night as well. Don't think I've ever had 3 things I really wanted to go to happen on the same night before, it's a right royal pain.
Paul_Rocks Ooh, Bad Religion. My friend loves them. :-)

Yeah, it's a b*tch when that happens, huh? (Not the world's worst bitch though.. y'know "Oooh should I go to THIS fantastic-sounding event, or THIS fantastic-sounding event? Decisions, decisions.." There are worse choices to be faced with. ;-P )

The last time The Dresden Dolls played near me their show clashed with the little sold-out exclusive pre-tour REM show I already had tickets for... that was a pain. Now Joss is messing with my Dresden Dolls-watching schedule too. Interfering with my fun by promising MORE fun. Lord, will the torture never end? *back of hand to forehead in angst-ridden dramatic gesture*

I'm already running around all over the place toward the end of August, trying to catch everything that's going on. Amsterdam one day, Scotland the next, back to London the day after. Sleep, bah who needs it, really? (But I think I might send Joss the bill for my Ritalin prescription come September...)
Hehe, I know what you mean Bad Kitty, it's just rude for there to be so many good things to do at once. Woe is oh so definitely me ;)
I'm also bouncing around, at the moment it's looking like Manc to Edin then back to Manc then off to the Reading festival where I always get soo much sleep. As you say, bah who needs it?
I'm having a mental breakdown!

I wants me some Joss....but can't afford the time off work, train tickets from the south of England or hotel rooms!

If I wait for the August screenings (which I know will be easier to get to)....I won't have the Jossy extra!
Yeah that's the problem I'm having. I know a guy in France who was planning on coming over to watch the premier with me in October and is now planning on coming to Edinburgh, but we were just talking about what to do if they announce a screening in Manchester for the same time. It would be a lot cheaper (for me especailly) but then there wouldn't be the chance to meet Joss.
*plans to kidnap the Joss and take him on a tour of the British Isles*
Joss MIGHT be at the other screenings in t'UK in August. You know, don't expect him and all that. It's a tough one to call what to do from my point of view - I strongly suspect I'm going to go to both!
Thanks gossi!

Well, I have a day and a half to mull it over. Although, kidnap plans might be the winner!
I am happy for all you UK'ers - this is fantastic news! I wish I could be there.
Good news for those of you across the pond! You need another infusion of goodness, to counteract last week's horror, and here it is! Personally, I'm jealous -- but you definitely win out on the deserving-it-meter.

I know all the early screenings of the incomplete film have been unusual, etc., but has any writer/director ever done this much work pre-release? Again, I have to plead ignorance of the biz, and I certainly factor in Joss's passion for the film, but he seems to be everywhere. Is this "normal"?
Great for the Scots but I am tearing my hair out - I would positively bounce off the walls at the chance to meet the Joss in person (even for just a little moment), but I can't really afford the time/money, plus Edinburgh is bound to be booked out hotelwise. This is of course provided I would get any tickets in the first place (how many minutes do you think it will take on Friday for this to be sold out?)

Does anybody know what is happening with regard to screenings in London? We need cheering up. (Resorting to moral blackmail, how low can I sink).
That's an interesting place to present Serenity to the world five weeks before eveyone else gets it. If Edinburgh is just as prestigious as Cannes, it's a good choice. It's something to ask when he comes this weekend to CC.
Wonderful news all round. Thanks gossi! Simon would have to be restrained if he knew this news!

I was hoping to see Serenity get a slot in the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 8-17) where I live but won't know until Aug. 23. I'm very glad it gets a slot at another big-name fest, even if it's before TIFF. Usually some fall H'wood releases show up first in Toronto. Then again, it's not very often that "sci-fi" gets a TIFF slot, but Serenity's different and may very well get one. Beside, heh, heh, Universal is a big supporter of TIFF, in that it funds the entire volunteer program -- hundreds of folks who patrol the lineups and give info. I've always been impressed by that.
Just got an email off
Two, in fact, of the finished film. Joss at the first screening. In

Info and tickets:

Q&A with Joss.

Also, a documentary on Joss Whedon is screening.

Tickets go on sale Monday morning.

Screenings around the UK will follow shortly after.


Now according to the website the tickets go onsale Friday so I'm assuming that's a mistake.

ETA: Just got a correction
No, actually, the go on sale FRIDAY morning. What day is it? Sale by
phone (0131 623 8030), person or post. I wouldn't advise on post --
carrier pidgeons instead.

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Just thought I'd add this link;
Again, I have to plead ignorance of the biz, and I certainly factor in Joss's passion for the film, but he seems to be everywhere. Is this "normal"?

Warren cloned Joss in season 6 of Buffy. All this time, there have been two Josses running around, making his shows, and now making this movie. He pretends he's tired, but that's just the evil Jossbot trying to gain sympathy. In secret both Josses are laughing maniacally about their plans to take over the world.

Or I think that's it anyway. I'm too tired right now to be sure of anything. But if Joss takes over the world, I won't complain.

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"Needless to say, Empire is going to be all over this film like a rash, so do check back for further news as the release date approaches…"

Good link Spooky Riverfan - I just love reading comments like that one above - hope it spreads to the mainstream press and media.
Congratulations to Edinburgh for having the international premiere and best wishes to everyone in the UK and beyond who can attend this great event. I look forward to all your reports.

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