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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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January 23 2003

Tony Head speaks about BtVS being filmed at his house and why he put his family life first during season 6.

"Actually, I didn't sell coffee very well".

Heh, it sold himself very well, judging from the acres of women who want him.
"Speculation is rife that after this seventh season of Buff has been aired, the show will be axed amid falling ratings."

Sigh. It's called "research", people. Isn't that basically a journalist's whole job?

If the show ends, it will have nothing to do with the ratings. Heck, UPN has made noises like they would give Joss their firstborn children if he will keep the show going.
Lots of European press have printed that UPN nonsense. Itīs infuriating how they half-read articles and then draw idiot conclusions. And then they all copy it from each other.
Wow. That article has more weird typos and errors than any other I've ever seen online. And why do they refer to the show as "Buff?"

Eek. Cringe. Nice to see ASH getting press, but c'mon - he deserves better.
I've seen an article very similar to this one back last fall, and it didn't have these spelling errors. If I ever find the original link I'll post it here, but this is rehashed information for when they did the shoot between AH & ASH for the first couple episodes at the start of season seven. The actual shooting took place late last summer, at ASH's home.

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