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July 13 2005

Finding Serenity, an Interview with Brett Matthews. Brief interview with Brett Matthews about the Serenity prelude comic, with information on the original plans for an animated prelude and the Angel mini series he co-wrote with Whedon a few years ago.

I'm not sure calling it a "prequel" is accurate. It's a prelude or something. To be a "prequel" kinda means a sequel that takes place before the original. This book comes out BEFORE the movie and it set BEFORE the movie. I think it's a prelude. What do you call The Hobbit in respect to LotR?
Matthews is currently writing a film for Universal. Good for him! He mentioned that his current favorite variant cover is Quesada. Which one is that?
It's the Zoe one. Great interview! Makes me want the comics even more! When are they shipping TFAW?!
I'm not sure calling it a "prequel" is accurate. It's a prelude or something.

Maybe "interlude" is more the thing. Nice little interview though. Looking forward to getting my hands on the comics... just need to decide which covers to get as I don't think I can justify getting them all.
I picked my three favorites for now but am planning on getting the TPB when that comes out which should have all the covers.
Just read it. Damn good to have a new Firefly story. Damn good story, and the dialogue and action felt just right ("Look's like we'll be leaving this world a bit sooner than anticipated and I'd like that statement to prove specific and mundane, not spiritual-like.)

God i hope this becomes an ongoing.

Oh, and a day after release, my local comic book store appeared to only have one copy left - which is great sales. (It was one of their picks of the week, so I don't think they under-ordered it).

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Those are really striking covers! Each character profile is set against a white background, which makes a superb contrast with each artist's interpretation of Mal, Jayne and Inara. The Serenity logo, all kind of worn and pummeled by space particles, shows up beautifully against the white. The rest of the cover is absolutely bare, other than the Dark Horse logo in the upper left and usual barcode at the bottom.

This book really shows up on the stands.

The story? Delightfully Firefly.

Can't wait for numbers 2 and 3. (Oh, and that movie thing . . .)
Just finished #1. They really captured all the characters really well. Brett Matthews is signing autographs at Comic-Con on Friday. Think I'll ask him to translate the Chinese for me. Oh, and also about that film he's writing for Universal.

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