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July 14 2005

Serenity screenings in Australia! 1st and 4th of August for Sydney, Perth and Adelaide! Sydney browncoats must buy tickets in person at George st Cinema, other states visit website.

Marion Megaplex
Westfield Shoppingtown
Level 3
297 Diagonal Road
Oaklands SA
Monday August 1 at 9pm

Innaloo Megaplex
57 Liege Street
Innaloo WA
Thursday August 4 at 9pm
OMG!!! Must buy ticket! Catalyst!!!
nixygirl - just done it. Bought 4 tickets - one for me and three for some friends I am going coerce, sorry, invite along!

Thanks for the SMS - you are the best!

I am now so excited that I don't know how I will keep concentrating until then.

Ooh, Ooh, I will now have to buy a new calender to restart my Serenity count-down.

Need to go now before I make an utter ass of myself, if I haven't already!

[ edited by catalyst2 on 2005-07-14 16:26 ]
For those of you in QLD there's also the Gold Coast film festival where it's showing on Friday 22nd July at 8.30pm.
@catalyst2 - my apologies re JM's concert - moving house was just too much.

[ edited by purplehazel on 2005-07-14 12:50 ]
Well, that'll dischuff some friends of mine in Brisbane...
Purplehazel, thanks for the heads up re Gold Coast. Woo Hoo I'm seeing Serenity next week. Hot damn. And I've sent them a very polite request to change the Directors name from Josh to Joss....
purplehazel - that's OK - I managed to miss buffbuff too! I left my mobile in the car so missed all the messages. Doh!
Excellent news for Australia. We in North America salute you. Hope all Whedonesquers (Whedonesquites?) Down Under get tickets.

August 1st - Sydney. You have to go in person to George St cinema to buy them. I got the UIP e-mail at 4.57pm (didn't see it until 5.30pm) was at the cinema at 6.20pm - 50% of 200 seat cinema already sold out.

I have already seen it so I really shouldn't be quite THIS excited. But I really am. :)
Catalyst! Yay! I have sent about another bunch of ppl to the Perth one. I'm hoping to coerce *coughzuckerbabycough* into getting me a few tickets for Sydney. I just cannot get into the city right now. Aaargh!

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