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January 23 2003

Fox implies poor scheduling did affect Firefly's ratings. Probably the nearest thing to an apology fans will ever get from Fox.

"This network is in a state of transition. It's rebuilding," Grushow (Fox Television Entertainment Chairman) said. "To put new shows on for two weeks and then take them off for four weeks for baseball is not a particularly effective launch strategy."

I wish wb or upn would pick up firefly.
why does it have to be one of the 4 major networks. obviously they dont want the money from the ads or the people that love the show. my whole house was/is in a uproar about it. to replace firefly with fastlane. i guess stupid pretty people spend more money.
Fox should've canned John Doe rather than Firefly, that show is horrible.
Just rather irritated in general. Firefly was interesting from the start and really got better and better. I suppose that fresh ideas just don't fly on Fox.

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