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July 14 2005

Sideshow Drusilla Pre-order now available - And there's a full picture of her and a description of the accessories she comes with.

Looks even more amazing with the full shot of her. I know the collar on the coat is a lot more puffy than the episode but it looks so elegant I don't care if it's not a perfect match!

And here's some great pictures of her from Comic Con:


Just absolutely stunning! Sideshow went all out for this figure!

Here's some other pictures of Sideshow's Buffy line at Comic Con:

Angel, Xander, Wolfie Oz & Vamp Buffy
Looks excellent. If I had enough money coming in, I would definately be buying more Buffy merchandise like this.

I wonder what the "dead bird" accessory look like? I assume it's the dead bird in the cage that Dru neglected to feed in season two.

Hmm, that Xander one looks a bit suspect to me. I think the head is too big or something, and it ain't a great likeness. The Angelus one is a good likeness of DB but the outfit is so prissy.
I think she looks awesome, love the outfit, definetely plan on getting this one. I think it'd be kool if for accessories she came w/ her miss Edith doll. :)
One of the pictures (from the Sideshow link) shows her with the dead bird in her hand I believe. Also thought Miss Edith would be a cool accessory. Maybe if they do a human faced Dru we'll get that with her. Xander may look better in real life. There seemed to be a lot of shadow around his face. Both the Prophecy Girl Buffy figures were much better looking in real life than how they were shown at comic con.

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WOW. i AM getting this, but ill wait till the regular edition comes out. The bird is nice(im sure its the one she neglected in season 2) but i dont really feel she needs it. i wanted miss miss edith as the exclusive accessory.

Also that Xander is kinda bad. i thought the prototype was good but the nose is HUGE in that pic! not really much like good ol Xander at all :(

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