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July 14 2005

SCI-FI launch Firefly website! Enough said. Spot the Serenity promotion.

Pretty! The gallery is good and the episode outlines are better than most.
Very nice!! And they have a big promo for Serenity too!! I wonder if they'll do a special for the movie before it releases.
Shiney! Can only help the 'verse.
I like it. Although, the use of "THE" in front of Serenity irritates me...
Nice. Good for Sci-Fi.
Better than nice, totally shiny! I will use this site relentlessly to market the show and moive...made another FF convert by forcing him to watch the trailer for serenity and jawing with him for about an hour on the phone quoting choice dialogue...sent him the DVDs, which he's now primed for...he is certain to go to the movie, too...and I just sent him the Sci-Fi link, which is just odd omission, though--no mention of Adam as Hamilton in Angel in his bio...
Well it is about time, only a week before they start running the show (couldn't they have been promoting it all month?). But it is all good, I'm thrilled that Firefly is being aired on cable at the same time the comics are coming out. And I thought their site looked pretty good.
Nice job Sci-Fi. I guess this means that we should now keep an eye pealed for TV adverts this Friday.
I'm going to try and convert someone to Firefly but he says he thought Buffy and Angel were "teenage dross" even though from what I can tell he's only seen season seven of Buffy. To me it sounds he's basically trying to be mature by dismissing fantasy shows, so I don't think there's any hope for him. However I have converted my little brother and am working on big brother.
Great site! I actually got goosebumps! Only criticism I have is the "ABOUT" section says after the war "He escapes with little more than his own skin, one trusted friend, and his ship, the Firefly-class freighter Serenity." ???? Guess they didn't watch "Out of Gas".
Of course the marketing people gave away the girl-in-the-box surprise AGAIN.
Okay...'Hoban' I knew, but 'Derrial' Book? That I did not know. Am I just slow?

And yeah, it's a really nice site. It's a character-based show, so having a meet-the-characters section is a really good thing.
Caleb, I wouldn't worry about Sc-fi giving anything away because most newbies probably won't find that site until after they get hooked on the show. I thought of sending it along to a friend who promised me she'd watch the show on Sci-fi but then thought it could spoil something for her.
is it just me, or is there a movie spoiler POTENTIAL MOVIE SPOILER! DON'T VIEW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!
I think that's mentioned in the episode "Serenity", 'cos there's no aliens in Firefly.
it is quite likely that it's just my addled brain.

pay no attention to me! move along!
Yeah, that's something we knew. But as an unspoiled not-yet-seen-Serenity type, I do appreciate the concern.
Yup, that's mentioned in "Serenity"! I believe either Simon or Shepard ask Zoe about the Reavers and she gives him a very detailed explanation! I think it's Shepard.
Frickin' awesome... and the effort they put into it shows!! Here's hoping it gets people's attention.

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