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July 14 2005

Serenity goes to Australian Film Fantastic festival! Screening Friday 22nd July. Unfortunately SERENITY is directed by Josh Whedon now - evil twin?

Thanx gossi, I've got ppl onto that up the Coast as we speak!
That's so cool that they're going a film festival route - very smart
Damn that Josh Whedon! He's always one step ahead!
What do we do if he shaves off his goatee? Will we be able to tell the difference? We might end up worshipping Josh instead of Joss.

OMG! They've made a Dungeons & Dragons 2?! Did they not see the 1st one?
Interesting that the Edinburgh 'World Premier' discussed here but now fallen off the front page is said to be 117 minutes and the Gold Coast (subject of this post) 125 - so there's some editing already done??
Evil twin? More like a Jossbot. I swear he's everywhere at once.
Ok, I'm unsure if anyone will see this now that this thread has been archived, but tickets for the screening of Serenity at 8.30pm Friday 22 July are on sale now, only at the Robina Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema Box Office. Also, at this point in time, cash only. Don't know if that will change.

I got mine this afternoon - had to drive down from Brisbane but it was so worth the trip. It looked like only 20 tickets had been sold by the time I bought mine (I got 19 and 20) and they had only been available for a short while. Many thanks to the people at BCC for getting the tickets available so I could buy mine today. Apparently they've been getting a lot of calls about the screening of Serenity. The lady I spoke with at the Box Office said about every 2nd call they received was about Serenity. Funny that ;-) Hope everyone else hoping for tickets manages to get them!

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