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July 14 2005

David Fury Gets An Emmy Nomination. David was nominated for outstanding writing for a drama series. "Lost - Walkabout - David Fury, Written by". The Emmy site seems to be up and down today, so keep reloading.


Go Fury!

*wild applause*
Not that nominations or awards are an indication of worth or anything, but Yay! Yippee! Woohoo! Congratulations, Mr Fury!
Wonderful! FINALLY some peer recognition.

Now if we could just get Joss to write an episode of Lost... I'M KIDDING!
Woooooooo hoooooooo! YAY FURY!!!!!
What a shame TabulaRasa wasn't this weekend - we could have congratulated DF in person!
Looking at the list of nominees, I think he might really win it.

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

House • Three Stories • FOX • Heel and Toe Films and
Bad Hat Harry Productions in association with NBC
Universal Television Studio
David Shore, Writer

Lost • Pilot • ABC • Touchstone Television
J.J. Abrams, Teleplay by/Story by
Damon Lindelof, Teleplay by/Story by
Jeffrey Lieber, Story by

Lost • Walkabout • ABC • Touchstone Television
David Fury, Written by

Rescue Me • Pilot • FX • Apostle, The Cloudland Co. and
Dreamworks in association with Sony Pictures
Peter Tolan, Writer
Denis Leary, Writer

The Wire • Middle Ground • HBO • Blown Deadline
Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
George Pelecanos, Writer/Story by
David Simon, Story by
Outstanding Writing For A Variety, Music Or
Comedy Program
This is great for DF! And well deserved. But, I would have to say that I think Rescue Me and The Wire may give him competition... in the "we're gritty and edgy and on cable" kind of way.
Walkabout was the episode of Lost that convinced me the show was irredeemably awful. Nice to see a nomination for a Whedonverse writer, but I would have preferred to see a nomination for a more deserving offering.
Wait, does this mean I have to update the site? Can I change my name to: Allyson, Webmaster of Emmy Nominee David Fury?

I'm so proud of my boy.

Congratulations. I have never before read of a person who did not like Walkabout. Are you sure we're thinking of the same episode? :)

edit: Whoops. Congratulations to DF too.

[ edited by Dym on 2005-07-14 16:56 ]
Congrats to DF -- and will keep fingers crossed for a win.
Congratulations to David.

I have to say though, that this again just highlights to me how pointless these awards are. Don't get me wrong. "Walkabout" is a good episode of 'Lost'. But it doesn't even come close IMO to his best work on 'Buffy'. It's not like he has suddenly become an amazing writer overnight. He has always been good at what he does. It's just that last year he was working on a show that Emmy voters don't have to think very hard before nominating.
FANTASTIC! He's one of the best out there and has been since the beginning. Wonderful news!
"Are you sure we're thinking of the same episode?"

Yeah, I'm sure. I thought the ending was cheap and manipulative. Like a bad (wait, that's redundant) M. Night Shyamalan film. Meant to shock and convince you that you hadn't just sat through an hour of horribly tedious and hackneyed television. Except it wasn't shocking at all, and it didn't ultimately really mean anything. Like all of the other asinine twists on Lost.
I agree with bloodflowers and Impossible...that a slew of writers for Buffy and Angel didn't win pretty much every writing Emmy for each year the shows were on the air is testament to the meaninglessness of these awards...that said, I hope he wins.
Can't we just be happy that Uncle Fury is getting some recognition from his peers? Whether he wins or not, in the future he will be referred to as "Emmy nominee David Fury" and in an industry that revolves a lot around appearances, that has to mean something. I'd prefer to look at it as a nod to his body of work and not just his contributions on Lost. I couldn't be happier that one of my favourite 'verse writers has been noticed, even if I think the awards themselves are kind of pointless.
I'm very proud to see David Fury nominated, as well as JJ Abrams. Walkabout was actually the episode of Lost that convinced me that this was one of the best shows on television. Of course, even with this bright spot, my love/hate relationship with the Emmy nominations continues. Where's Lauren Graham or Gilmore Girls? Where's Shoreh Agdashloo's nomination for 24?
Well deserved for Fury. That episode pretty much set the entire course for "Lost." Too bad he's leaving "Lost" this season to help run "24." (Good for my boy Jack Bauer, though.)

Meanwhile, the happiest news of the day was Ian McShane's Best Actor nomination for "Deadwood," being as McShane continues to give the greatest TV performance by an actor that I've ever seen.
bloodflowers, that is why I hope he wins, even though I have contempt for the whole process.

I need help...
Gilmore Girls should have cleaned up just about every Emmy award/nomination for its first four years, but if any season should be snubbed by the academy, it's the current fifth one. It's not that the quality wasn't there, it had just worn out its welcome.

bobtaylor, I couldn't agree more. As EB would say: Huzzah, Al!
DF: He got the mustard out.

I still haven´t seen Lost as I moved to Spain before it premiered in the UK. It´s on here, but it´s dubbed... still Fury deserves the award for past glories, no question...

Next up, an Oscar for Joss?
Wow, good on him! But I'm pissed that Veronica Mars got no nominations.
The "Veronica Mars" snubbing is ridiculous but expected. It always takes the Academy two years to get wind that something is good (and that's assuming they EVER figure it out). This is why McShane didn't get nominated until after season two of "Deadwood." Maybe next year for "Veronica"...
testament to the meaninglessness of these awards...that said, I hope he wins.

You hope he wins a meaningless award? Um. Thanks?
Allyson, I mean meaningless in any meaningful way.

Okay, that was pretty Willowish...what I mean is that I find them meaningless in that they routinely ignore what is manifestly the best that TV has to offer...but that from a professional persspective, winning one certainly would be helpful to David.
Fury would be the first one to tell you that the nomination process is a joke, the Emmys lose respect with each passing year--and to have "Emmy winner" on your resume is a huge boost for your career.

My Dream of DF's acceptance speech: "I'd like to thank my wife...and I want to thank all the great people at Lost--J.J., Damon, Carlton, the actors and crew...and I want to thank my good friends, Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Tim Minear, who gave me the courage and pluck to make it as a TV writer. Back on Angel, we had a little song that reminded me to keep up that courage and pluck. It's called, uh, 'Courage and Pluck.' Goes a little like this: [sings] Oh, courage and pluck courage and pluck...."
cjl, bwa! I'd love to see that. You just know they'd cut him off right then though. But yeah, if he wins I'll listen for his acceptance speach. I suppose this means I'll be watching the emmys this year. Oh, dear.
Wow! That means I have two autographs of an Emmy nominee, since he was in Sacramento for Whedoncon. Personally, if he wins (despite competition from the "House" episode which was REALLY good), I'd like to hear him sing "They got the mustard out"
But I see others are upset Lauren Graham and Kristen Bell got snubbed. For some reason, the TV Academy don't consider the WB and UPN real networks, and therefore don't qualify for nominations.
If Fury winds, he should say Joss' name as often as possible.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2005-07-14 19:29 ]
Here is the full list of nominees

And here is variety's write up on it
Fury would be the first one to tell you that the nomination process is a joke

and yet, that's not what he said at all this morning.
Allyson, what did Fury say this morning?
That means I have two autographs of an Emmy nominee, since he was in Sacramento for Whedoncon.

I was just thinking that had we known about this a few days sooner, I could have congratulated him when I met him. Knowing first hand what a great guy he is, I'm even more happy for him.
It sounds like people are just very conflicted; very happy DF was nominated, but aware that he and many other Whedon-show alumni should have been nominated years ago. I do not think people are trying to denigrate his current nomination, only state their feeling that the awards themselves would be more meaningful if people were nominated when they did amazing and top-of-the-line work no matter what network the show was on that they were writing for. IMO people can be very happy someone they respect is nominated and still be annoyed that the award process is so flawed.

So, Congratulations David Fury! Yea! I hope you win. Even if you don't, I hope the nomination brings you lots of wonderful career choices and the deserved respect of the money-men.
Yeah!! Congratulations!
I hope he will win, Walkabout was a great episode.
I hope Terry will win too.

Melisande, I couldn´t disagree more with you :p (about Walkabout, Lost, and M. Night)

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2005-07-14 20:49 ]
newcj, you nailed it for me...thanks.
Yay for Fury! I so hope he wins cause he deserves it!
It's about damned time. Sure, this is for Lost alright but atleast in my mind it's a partial long overdue Buffy nomination. Anyway, this is great for David, he's one of the best writers in the biz.
You're welcome, Chis. Always happy if I can help.

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