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July 14 2005

(SPOILER) Another Whedonverse cast member joins "Veronica Mars". Link contains mild spoilers for next season of "Veronica Mars."

According to this UPN press release, Charisma Carpenter has been cast as a "sexy trophy wife" on the show next season. This role was originally rumored to have been intended for Tara Reid. I can't find a link to the official press release, just this post in someone's LJ, so if anyone else (mods?) has a link to the official release, please feel free to step in!

Alllll right!
Well, this is great news and goes a long way toward easing my fear about UPN making changes to the show. Carpenter should be able to take that role and run with it. And, believe it or not, I think hiring Guttenberg is inspired casting as well. It's always a good move when you take a no-longer-popular but somewhat-underrated actor old and match him to a well-written role. (Just ask Quentin Tarantino.)
How cool is this!I love Charisma. And she was always perfect in comedy/drama.

GO CC! Never have watched the show, but may give it a look now she is a full time member.

When will this be on, trying to get this tv schedule right.

Another link:

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So excited....I'm going to call everyone I know right now!

Last fall, I randomly met at a party one of the writers for Veronica Mars, who had previously written for Miss Match, and we basically just talked about how awesome Charisma Carpenter is : )
I think I read in an interview that Rob Thomas' wife is friends with Charisma, and he mentioned he'd like to have her on the show. It'll be neat to see another familiar face on my new favorite series. Hopefully CC will bring in new viewers who will then discover the magic of Veronica Mars and be hooked. More viewers = higher ratings = more seasons of VM. Plus, Charisma! Wooo!
CC's episodes of Charmed had a slight ratings boost. I haven't gotten into this show yet but maybe if it returns before Lost I'll check it out.
That's so rad! Charisma is one of my abolute favourites.
God that's so much better than Tara Reid (I really hate her, but I've said that many times before so I won't go into it again). It'll also be great to see Charisma again. Miss Match was actually broadcast in full where I live, so I got to see the episodes with her in them as well and she was wonderful as always. Looking forward to seeing her on VM!
BTW I don't really understand this line in the article:

(...) after originally being featured in a recurring role.

Wasn't Cordelia a cast regular from the very beginning? Maybe they're mixing her up with Angel.

Also, I hope she has lots of interaction with Alyson Hannigan (if her schedule on How I Met Your Mother allows her to appear on VM again that is). They always had great chemistry together I feel. First with Willow being bullied by Cordy on Buffy and more as equals later on on Angel (on the phone and during Willow's visit in season 4. Well, if you don't count evil possessed Cordy trying to kill her of course).
Woohoo! Go Charisma! This makes me so happy. I've really missed her face since "You're Welcome". Veronica Mars is favorite show that currently is alive and kickin' and to see Charisma joining in a semi regular capacity will be beautiful. She really deserved better things than "Voodoo Man".
Thank GOD Charisma is doing a decent show after that whole "Charmed" debacle! I can now happily watch old Charisma again! Hurrah!
I liked her on Charmed. It was the only reason to watch. But she looked like she enjoyed herself and that is all that matters.
Cordyyyyyyyyyy! :D On Veronica! This is so great.
"Wasn't Cordelia a cast regular from the very beginning? Maybe they're mixing her up with Angel."

She was made a regular on Buffy retroactivly (after filming, but before it aired), the role was initially recurring, which is why she isnt in two episodes of s1.

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