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January 23 2003

Nick Brendon will not be going over to Angel according to an official statement released by his manager.

" "Nick will absolutely not be going over to 'Angel'. The possibility has never been entertained, nor would Nick be interested if it had been mentioned"."

Well! I guess that's uh ... settled then.

No Nick for Angel.

No sirree.

Isn't it a bit over the top to issue an official statement?
It's an awfully vehement statement, too, for such innocuous speculation.

Smells fishy. I wonder about their sources.
It does seem a bit forthright, that could just be editing on the part of the site so it'd be interesting to see the actual release.
I don't see any official statement on the official site and I think that'd be THE place where Nick's manager would post it, if this thing were viable. Let's pretend for a moment that it could be, just for grins.

IF Dark Horizons is accurate (and that's a very big IF), my guess would be that Nick's manager could argue for a spinoff that will feature either Xander in the lead role, or Brendon sharing front stage center with Hannigan & Marsters. Moving Xander over to Angel would not be in the best interests of Brendon. If it were true, the public official announcement could have been a pre-emptive strike.

Ideally, any spinoff from Buffy now would need to feature Xander, Willow & Spike equally, and would need to be a separate entity from Angel though existing in the same universe. I question if BBC's Ripper could save the franchise, because it would be too little too late by the time they got it done.

I could write up a treatment for a spinoff series that'd be Xandercentric in my sleep. The show'd fly, and Brendon's got the street cred & the chutzpah to pull it off. Just imagine, a tv series with every episode being at least as good as The Zeppo if not better. Who wouldn't tune in to see that?

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Hey there. I'm the webmaster for

To clear some things up -- there was no "official statement" released. But Nicholas's manager did contact to inform them that the recent rumors regarding him moving to "Angel" were inaccurate.

I have updated with a statement that Nicholas hasn't been approached to appear on "Angel." His manager told me that they're looking into other projects and roles for Nicholas, should the show not return for an eighth season.

Also, in an attempt to shed some light on why he wouldn't be interested -- when he was at a convention in Boston in November, Nicholas was asked if he would move to "Angel" next season. He said no; he didn't think there'd be room for him on the show, what with all the strong male characters already there.
Thank you for clarifying that Monique, much appreciated.

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