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July 14 2005

UPDATED: "Akin" returns to the flying ambulance (part 2)! Now with more pictures, at a new link! Well, it's still there in the aircraft junkyard: Serendipitous LiveJournaler "Akin" has returned to the resting place of a very large, very abandoned "Firefly" prop -- and has enough pictures of it (from more angles, including inside the craft) to satisfy any Browncoat's curiosity.

Someone on the official Browncoats board posted a link to this site, "Scroggins Aviation", which may be the site of the junkyard. That site claims it costs some money to salvage stuff:

Can't wait to find out from Akin whether this is true or not, and what other adventures befell him in his exciting journey to Ariel-land.

Thanks for posting this, HudsonVC.
Oh this should be fun! Get a view via google maps too...

You can get a little closer via Google Earth...

ps. it is NOT Scroggins Aviation, unless they have multiple locations...

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Totally awesome! I truly am so green with envy!! What a blast they must've had climbing in and out of it. The only thing better than that would be to stumble across Serenity!! And the coolest thing is they found the rest of it! I really hope someone can salvage this before it gets wrecked.
Attention mods, Akin is asking to join Whedonesque (bottom of his thread) so maybe he can get a priority membership :-)
For anyone who might find this old post, there is an update to this story, which I posted earlier but got removed, so I'll put the link over here for those interested enough in this story to bother looking this far in.

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