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July 15 2005

Edinburgh International Film Festival Serenity premiere booking now live. Book online or via phone.

Their server has crashed, and phone lines maxed out.

Heh. We told them they'd be getting a huge demand and they wouldn't believe us..
Yeah, it's a nightmare, got 6 windows open constantly switching between them whilst trying to ring but I'm still getting nowhere :(
If you live in Edinburgh there are two ticket offices open to buy by hand...
Sadly I don't so it's the interent or phone for me.

I do like the "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that" error message though :)
Looks like 22nd may have sold out already.
Yeah, it's all gone badly :(
Finally get the tickets in the basket and then it falls down on the final step, only to then find out it's sold out.
EIFF have confirmed the website/phone issues have been caused by Serenity... By the way.

Try Wednesday...
*sob* It seems impossible. Has anyone successfully bought tickets over the net?
Yes, a bunch of people on the official forum have tickets.
I can't go on wednesday :(

Will just have to hope for futher screenings, maybe a bit closer to me this time as well :)
Yah, there will be other screenings soon after.
I had the tickets in my basket, but the check-out page kept going down and now they've emptied my basket because of 'inactivity'! This is soo frustrating! *cries*
"Your shopping basket has expired"

Well that's that then :(
Paul Rocks/sasja - I am having the same problems. Commiserations. I am veering between frustration, mild amusement at myself (for keeping going) and sadness, because by now it's clear that this isn't going to work out.
Sigh - I hope Joss comes to London at some point.

Oh yeah, and congratulations if you have tickets. I hope you have a great time.
Yeah, it wasn't just seeing the film early, I would've given up a lot sooner if it was just that. It was the chance to meet Joss that was spurring me on, oh well maybe some other time.
Thanks, miranda - you too! Yeah, it seems to work even worse now, I only bounce back and forth between the error page and the 'check availability' page. Oh, well *sigh* - guess I'm not going to Scotland anyway :'-(

Congratulations to all who got tickets!
Phone is your best bet to order - the website doesn't seem to work.
I managed to get through on the phone and was lucky enough to get tickets, the poor girl sounded completely blown away with the amount of calls she'd taken in the twenty minutes before I got to speak to her.

I hope you guys manage to get through and get your tickets!
When did you succeed? Were there tickets for both Monday and Wednesday?

I keep getting through to an answering machine - there's no reason to stay on the line after that has started, right?

[ edited by sasja on 2005-07-15 14:17 ]
it was around 12.30 I got through - and at the time she said there was none for Monday but then her supervisor said something to her and she managed to get me Monday tickets. I don't know if there was more released or if they decided to move it to a bigger screen given the demand. She did say at the time that there was plenty left for the Wednesday, but I've no clue how long that would be the case for.

I hope you get through!
Thanks a lot! :-)
From somebody on, for anybody interested:

I got tickets for Wednesday - was 21st person in line at the box office at Filmhouse when it opened, took me 45 minutes to get to front of queue, had already heard the people on desk saying that Serenity had sold out due to web demand, they were getting phone calls from the EIFF management asking them to check their computers etc. because they were concerned at how fast it sold out.
Concerned as in it might be scalpers? Couldn't it just have been fans?

That being said, horrah for the media attention that this might grab :D. Although, sorry for the people that haven't been able to get tickets, or are still having difficulty getting tickets.
Just got two tickets for Monday :-D
I meant to get a lot more, but that was what was registered! Anyway, I'm happy!

By the way, that was on the website - no luck calling.
Nice one sasja, I've given up now and am just holding out hope that there's a manchester screening and that it isn't on during the 5 days that I'm away in august.
I would keep checking, in the hopes that they move it into their biggest theater ('Serenity' deserves to be seen in their most important venue). Besides, the more pre-buzz that is created by fans wanting tickets the more reviewers, theater owners, and others at the fesitval will sit up and take notice!
I hope everyone gets in, I got to see the unfinished version and I am just dying to see it completed with the music et al.
There are still the odd chances - I just caught a couple of tickets to the Whedon Reel and a single ticket to Wednesday, but now I can't check-out! It won't accept my credit card (which I've just used to buy the other two tickets). I'm getting a RequestNotMatchAlloc error. Anyone having the same problem?

[ edited by sasja on 2005-07-15 16:52 ]
I had a problem with it accepting my credit card. It said the number wasn't vaild and I've spoken to a couple of other people who had the same problem. Guess it was just part of the problem caused by us Browncoats overloading their system.
Ok, thanks for telling me - well, I have to give up now (meaning there may be a Wednesday ticket if you're fast, and 4 for the Whedon Reel Life). Anyway, I did get two tickets to the film, so who am I to be disappointed :-)
The checkout's working now!
gossi - I just wanted to thank you for letting us know that the tickets went on sale at noon, this way I only wasted two and a half hours of my life, it could have been a lot worse. Worth the try though and hopefully better luck next time.
grats to those who have tix to the BDM and thanks gossi for the heads up for everyone. good stuff, people :)
There have been TWO NEW screenings approved for Edinburgh International Film Festival - they will be available soon!

These are to thank the dedicated fan base and get as many people in as possible.
Ooh nice, thanks again for the heads-up gossi :)
New screenings?

That's good.

Because both days were all gone when I got to the box office at about 3 pm, and the Q&A's sold out as well.


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