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July 15 2005

2 more Serenity screenings at Edinburgh Film Festival Fear the power of the browncoats...

Great news....could this film really do as well as we've hoped???
Well, a lot of it is down to browncoats themselves, so - if only browncoats go, no. However, we are creating a lot of word of mouth I suspect.

The number of hits EIFF's website got today is quite staggering.
Yay! That is so cool! I really think that this will produce the kind of publicity and excitement we need to help our BDM get world wide recognition. I am so excited! I hope that all the UK Browncoats will come out in force, and in costume, and make this whole film festival ALL.ABOUT.SERENITY!
The 28th, hmmm, would it be a case of going too far just to see a movie to try and get up to Edinburgh from London the day I get back from Florida.

Might have to think about this one.

Glad its selling well in the UK though, even if we dont have a bloody trailer yet.
"could this film really do as well as we've hoped???"

I think Serenity is going to be a *Surprise* Box Office hit. Not a surprise to most of us Browncoats (I've heard from a few that don't expect it to do well), but to the film critics and studio heads.

The fact that it will be shown to four packed houses in Edinburgh and the fact that there is going to be LOTS of press there is going to bring it into the limelight.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I see a $20 Mil+ opening day for Serenity and a good $50 Mil+ opening weekend. Call me crazy!!! :)
I don't think you are crazy....word-of-mouth will be the key, we all know that, and this is a good start. These things tend to snowball and lets hope this is one such case!
SpookyRiverFan, I wouldn't say you're crazy. Optimistic, yes. So am I. I don't know about the numbers, but I predict it will be at least a sleeper hit which will begin a franchise of movies that will elevate Joss Whedon's status as "Master of the New Science Fiction", and he'll become the next George Lucas in the eyes of mainstream society. But then again, I believe Joss can move mountains, although just the metaphorical kind. He's already done the impossible, and I believe he's capable of so much more.

Or maybe I'M the one that's crazy.

BTW, just for clarification, are these screenings of the final Serenity film?
Certainly, it exceeded my expectations. I haven't even been able to get tickets, and I've been all over this like a dodgy rash from the start. It also exceeded UIP's expectations - they described today as "incredible" earlier to me.

But let's not get too cocky. I don't think Serenity will be the next Star Wars in October, but I do think it's starting to get the ground swell it needs to do well.
I'm not cocky, I just think Joss has that potential in him. I didn't mean that I think Serenity would be the next Star Wars in October. I just think the Firefly franchise may become the Next Big Thing. It's just a hunch I have. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I wouldn't be surprised either way.
Out of town Monday. Need to get someone to get me a ticket. aargh.
Excellent, even when this is no longer the latest news anyone who goes to the ‘news articles' section of the site (every journo doing basic research on the festival?) will see it immediately after the ‘Attention Web bookers!’ item that includes ‘We've had more traffic to the site today than ever before…’

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I certainly think there's a chance the film is going to do very well. But let's remember that these are the only 4 screenings that have been made available in the UK so far. So it's not really surprising that the site would get a lot of hits and that they would sell out quickly (although it's a bonus certainly that they've mentioned the large amount of interest). To be honest, I wouldn't even be surprised if only putting up tickets for 2 screenings to begin with only to later up the number wasn't part of the plan all along. It certainly helps with the buzz building which is what it's all about. I don't think there was ever any doubt that the first two would sell out quickly. Well done to the publicity people behind the movie is what I say...

I don't think there's much doubt that the people trying to get these tickets online right when they became available are the very people who would be going to see it on opening night anyway. I'm much more interested in whether information about online hits and speed of tickets sold etc makes any kind of impact on the non-Browncoats who are going to need to attend this movie in some numbers in order for it to be successful.

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Impossible, I would agree with you that the number of hits are because there have been so few screenings. But remember that in the US we found that each screen sold out even more quickly than the one before, in spite of there being more screenings each time.
Good news about the extra showings, I hope you get tickets.

Well yesterday you could have knocked me down with a feather, after trying all day only to have tickets thrown out of my basket twice after having put in my credit card details (screaming and hairpulling), late afternoon I saw on that some tickets had gotten back in circulation when they sorted out all the snafus and in an incredible stroke of luck I hit on the 5 second window on the website to get 2 tickets for the showing on the 24th. Sorry I don’t mean to gloat but this kind of stuff never happens to me.

I didn’t get anything for the Reel Life event though. Because I had such amazing luck I am going to push it a bit more (why not) – my husband won’t be able to go due to work commitments, so does anybody have one spare ticket for the Reel Life on the 23rd and is willing to trade me for one ticket for the 24th Serenity showing (obviously I’ll pay the difference) or simply sell me one ticket for the 23rd? If so please email me at

I don’t mean to be horrid, but please don’t email me if you just want a ticket for the 24th, if nobody wants to trade me I will offer it up here (at face value) in due course, I just want to try this (very long shot) first.

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