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July 15 2005

Illyria's Costume worn on screen in Season 5 now on Ebay. This is one of Illyria's (Amy Acker) Screen Worn costumes from Season 5 that was used in multiple episodes. They also have Wesley's outfit he wore from the "Girl In Question". As well as some other clothing items from the show.

Oh my god! I want! Of course I don't have the money, but what a treasure! I'll be watching this one.
How easy will this be to replicate for the inevitable Spike/Illyria TV buddy movie I'm holding out for?
I want Wesley's tea set.
The only other prop I wanted as much as this was the phone from the Lilah/Wesley phone sex scene. This is that good!

Errm, I've just embarrassed myself:)

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Ramses, I love the Lilah/Wesley phone sex scene. :)
Wow. I don't think I paid as much for my car! :)
What an awesome piece of memorablia, if I had the money I would definately try to get some of these.

My girlfriend wants Xander's speedos.
I always wanted Spike's red shirt. I wonder what happened to it.
They have a Magic Box candle. I thought it was "Escence of Slug" or "Lemon Seduction" but no such luck...
Holy Crap! The bids are up to $2,600!! More proof what a very popular character Illyria is. I hope any Buffy/Angelverse project has Illyria in it!
I want the Window of Orlon and the Shanshu Prophecy, and also the Nezzian Prophecy, or whatever it was that had the false prophecy of "The father will kill the son". Do you suppose those will ever go up on ebay?

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Anya's bunny costume would also be awesome. Or Giles' sombrero. Or Cordelia's cat costume. Or Oz's guitar. There are so many potential costumes or props that would be awesome.

What does this mean for the future of the Illyria character if one of her costumes is being sold off? If they were to do some project with her in it, could they simply make more of them?
it doesn't really mean anything necessarily, they keep info on recreating this stuff usually, though it depends on studio, production co, and costume dept. to some extent.
Razor, remember they sold off Spike's coat numerous times. I have to believe Illyria is a character that Joss will visit again. If not believe, then I'll pray, pray, pray.
I want Mal's costume that he wore in "Trash". You know, that one he was "wearing" in the very last scene.. ;^)

When Farscape came back as a mini-series there were lots of differences in how the characters looked so I would expect that if Illyria comes back there will most likely be some differences. Heck, she may even look better even though I think it would be hard to improve her any more because she was fantastic!
I don't know if the costume was integral to Ilyria herself or just what she happened to wear. If S6 had happened I could have seen her start wearing normal clothes as she became more 'human'.
Gotta watch this auction! What a prize! Illyria & Spike rule the 'Verse! Show Me The Movie !!!!
Oh god, the fangirl in me just cried out in ecstacy, and suddenly...silence.
I want that so bad. I'd wear it around. I'd put it on when I went to the grocery store.
Hmmm... Amy's not included. Too bad. ;)
Yeah, Amy certainly fitted that costume well. And how! Seeing that the bid is now at $3500, I assume someone agrees. What did Angel's drifter go for, believe it was $3000?

Ah, the outlook on season six. Still pains me to look there because Illyria threw a whole another spin on the Angel clan. I wanted to see that relationship with Wes pan out. I wanted Angel to come to an understanding of what Illyria was experiencing. Most of all, I wanted this line:

(Spike lays on the ground in a bloody heap while, in the back ground, Illyria is doing the same to the demon that caused it.)

Demon: "What is this vampire to you!"
Illyria: "My pet." Smash.

Sorry, I always seem to ramble. What's the latest bid?
Ha! I'd love to have seen Illyria say that!
Ah, the outlook on season six. Still pains me to look there because Illyria threw a whole another spin on the Angel clan. I wanted to see that relationship with Wes pan out.

You and me both. I've been watching Angel again (my best friend is watching the 5th season for the first time) and thinking about what-could-have-been never fails to rip my heart out and stomp it to pieces. And not in the usual Jossy-goodness way. I love me that Weslyria.
I just bid on it! OK I am certainly hoping now that someone outbids me, eeep! I just had to at least bid on that thing.
That would be one kick-ass Halloween costume, if whoever wins it fills it out nice or can lend it to a friend who does. I thought Illyria was an awesome character and her look was certainly part of the reason for that.
Nixy! That's pretty risky! Well I guess if you have nearly three grand to toss at it then ok, but...girl! What if you don't get outbid?

Bye-bye car...
nixygirl, please don't do that again. Enough said. Anyway, I'm thinking the final bid will be $4800. Lets see....
What did Angel's drifter go for, believe it was $3000?

What's a drifter?
I got outbid. I know it was naughty, but I figured a $50 bid in there isn't gonna break anyones bank, and it had 3 days to go so I was fairly safe. I know naughty Nixy, slap my wrists, promise I won't do it again, it was the scotch bidding and all that but I just HAD to place one bid so I could keep the "you have bid on Illyria's Costume" email. I don't suggest anyone else do something as stupid as that, alcohol infused decision. Seriously!!

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