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July 15 2005

Organise a Firefly viewing Shindig! The latest challenge on the official board (reg and login rqd)

Marketing drive to coincide with the showing of Firefly on the SciFi channel. Double points if you arrange a public viewing.

Organize a Firefly viewing Shindig!

I'm trying. I just posted something about this on my LJ. If the Portland Browncoats can't figure something out, I'll be watching the episodes on my DVD as they air on cable (I don't have cable). Come on, Portland, let's do something. I want Friday nights to become Firefly party nights.

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Sci-Fi channel ran a commercial for Firefly at the beginning of SG-1 tonight. Couldn't resist a loud whoopee!
I totally tripped out when I saw the trailer before Stargate. It was awesome, and a helluva lot more attractive than the ones Fox aired.
I still have Nathan Fillion's beandip recipe we sent out with an autographed headshot and F:IA t-shirt when we organized the viewing parties back when it was on FOX. I'll try to remember to post it when I get home.
Is there a way I can download this trailer online? Someone needs to upload it so I can see. I'm very curious about how they will promote Firefly. With the website and all, so far so good.
I just tried starting a thread over at Flickr about seeing the ad on Sci-Fi but Flickr is having some problems apparently.

It was much better than the ads done on Fox. They didn't give anything away yet made it look very intriguing. And they never once mentioned it was a cancelled television show. They also did a pop-up ad during Stargate saying: Firefly premieres next Friday. Or something like that. I also whooped when I saw it. They also showed it during BSG which is really great because that's their highest rated show!

No mention of the movie yet but I'm betting they'll do that several weeks into the shows run to get people hooked and then start promoting the movie heavily! Can't wait to see the trailer on tv!
Yeah, Sci-fi gets major points for NOT showing the 'girl in the box' which Fox did, ruining a surprising image. The Sci-fi ad is interesting and funny, I think it will bring in viewers who haven't seen the show before (knock on wood). I saw the ad several times, they seemed to be airing once per hour all evening during their big premier Friday that is all good for "Firefly".
Sci-fi does have the girl-in-the-box shot on the front page of the Firefly section of their website, plus spoilerish summaries of every episode, but it sounds like they're doing right by Firefly on-air at least, so any online mishaps are forgiveable.

I hope it does incredible in the ratings and...well, besides improving the chances of Universal greenlighting a sequel, I hope it further embarrasses Fox or something. I know, they probably don't give a shit, especially since network execs have come and gone since 2002. Still, it'll be nice if this leads to [i]something[/i] cool besides the greatness of more people getting into the series. A home for Joss TV projects at Sci-fi or something.
Well, it looks like Firefly isn't too sci-fi for the Sci Fi channel anymore. Heh.

Apparently, Sci Fi is showing how advertising Firefly should be done. I've heard from folks who watch BSG and Stargate that they've been putting pop-up Firefly ads up every hour, and that they're really funny. The trailers are supposedly NOT spoilery and they make Firefly look really suspenseful and intruiging.

The state that the Fox network is in now, Firefly definitely does not belong there. It never belonged their in the first place. It belongs on cable. I wish/hope that somehow it can have a life on that station post-Serenity.
Did someone say bean dip? I'm so totally there. . .

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