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July 15 2005

A special Comic Con screening of an unfinished version of Serenity will take place on Saturday, July 16th at 10 PM in San Diego.

Tickets are limited and only available to Comic Con attendees and only one ticket per person.

I wonder if they will do the same thing at GenCon?
Wow, that's cool. It's awesome the way they're promoting this.
oh man. oh man. i haven't seen a screening yet and i'm going to be at comic con. they'll have to give me one if i wear my joss whedon is my master now shirt.
SteveHolt!!!! 'TIS YOUR TIME! Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.
Just remember:

"The only way to attend this special screening is to pick up a screening pass at the Southern California Browncoats table in the Comic Con Exhibit Hall (table A11-A12), on Saturday, July 16th beginning at 10:30 AM. Passes will be handed out on a first come, first served basis..."

Good luck, Steve Holt and everybody else!
All have a good time at Comic Con, and, for those lucky enough to get tickets, enjoy the screening. And do let us know how things go.
Wow! That's really cool. I'll try to get a ticket, but I doubt I will. I have super bad luck with these things, even when I'm there early. I went by the table today after going to the Adam Busch signing and found out that Joss himself was there for a spontaneous signing.

Anyway, I hope they post pics of the table. It really is awesome. Every time I walked by, big crowds of people were there. And I noticed A LOT of people were wearing Serenity buttons. Good on you SF Browncoats! Wish I could say it in person, but I'm super-duper extremely shy.

Good luck getting tickets everyone!
Oh man, that would have been kool. I do hope SteveHolt got one.
SteveHolt and Einral, I really hope you were able to get a ticket!

Electricspacegirl, you are my hero!! (heroine!) If I had not read your post on Friday night, I never would have known about this, and because of you, fortune smiled on me last night and I saw the best movie of my life, with Joss. THANK YOU! I bet the 6000 people in the Serenity panel wish that they had checked the message board that night, because only a few hundred people seemed to know about this. There were quite a few tickets left when I left the table.

Anyway, for anyone who has seen a screening (or who hasn't), this was the FINAL movie and it ROCKED! Joss really perfected it, polished it up, put the final shiny on it. You can feel the labor of love that this movie IS. It was absolutely beautiful, mind-blowing, incredible. And the music is soooo good! The Universal people gave all of us a cd of the music from the movie.

Thanks again, and quickly come September 30!
Yup. I'm one of the 6,000 that didn't know. And y'know, I was sulky as hell when I found out, but y'know what? Fate (and tyg, who told me he was there) more than made up for it today, because I got to talk to Joss while he was at the DC table shooting the breeze with Jeph Loeb. (translate: "talk to" = "fangirl burble with a cottage-cheese-like-brain").

Cost of missing an advance screening?= waiting two and a half months.
Chance to talk to Joss? = priceless.

I asked Joss if he'd asked Greg Rucka (who was sitting on Whedon's other side) for hints about writing Wonder Woman, and Rucka got all funny and sarcastic saying that Joss didn't actually need his help, he was quite a talented writer on his own y'know... all while Joss was earnestly assuring me (or maybe it was Rucka) that he was reading the book. Then, I screwed my courage to the sticky whatsit, and asked the Big Question: How cool was it meeting Stephen Sondheim? (Yes, I know, I should have made Joss swear that the WW movie was NOT going to have giant kangaroos in it, but that's all my brain on San-Diego-Con-Sunday could come up with. And possibly that makes you very grateful). And Joss lit up like a Christmas tree. And we Sondheim-geeked at each other, but being aware that I had cut in on a conversation, I apologized for interrupting him and Loeb and left them to it. It only came to me as an esprit d'escalier thing five minutes later that I should have mentioned Sondheim's Teeny-Todd/Toddler capper that isn't in the NT platform transcript ("I'm calling it the Marat/Todd"). Ah, well.

Then, I bumped into Sky McCloud and we high-fived at having achieved our Joss Whedon fangirl goals for this San Diego Comic-Con (short version: at the Eisners, Sky got to burble at Joss about how much she loved Buffy and then watch Joss burble at her dad about how much he loved Understanding Comics. Grin). Then, I went to dinner with tyg at China Camp, and tyg pointed out to me that I really should have mentioned to Joss or the Browncoat contingent that San Diego actually has an Old West-themed Chinese restaurant. It's very near the airport. Here's hoping it plays host to future Firefly-themed parties.

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