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July 15 2005

Nick Brendon's Audio Blog. Nick now has an Audioblog on!

Monique ('s loverly webmiss) and Nick surprised us all by setting up an Audioblog! The link I posted will take you to his first message which is very cute and funny. I can't wait to hear his next message. :)

Oh how I love his muscles.
Can't wait for more messages!
I wouldn't mind an update on how his muscles are doing. Heehee. Nick is a sweetie.

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That was hi-larious! Oh, I hope I get to meet him tomorrow. Maybe get the scoop on those muscles. =P
That is really sweet, and no one can accuse him of letting his publicist send his messages out for him.
That was great. Nice way to start the day. I look forward to the next installment.
Kind of a low blow embers. And this was pretty cool. I wish I could go to comic con.

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