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July 16 2005

Firefly Fan Film: Mosquito. Watch this amazing video (29 MB Quicktime) - Nathan Town spoofs Joss Whedon's Firefly.

Wow, the teaser is really great!

There goes my bid to make the first Firefly fan film. Oh well, maybe someday. Kudos to Mosquito
That was sweet! Hope the full film becomes available at some point soon.
Hahaha! Funny stuff :)
Loved the last bit. I want to see more!
That was really impressive. Thanks for the link.
Heee. It was a great laugh. I especially liked how the River character was picking her teeth with a carrot.
Thats pretty cool.
That was very funny :D
Yeah, pretty funny. I like how Inara has become the typical brassy whore, and how Mal and Zoe can't work their guns.
That's awesome! I can't stop laughing. Cows instead of horses! I can't wait for the completed film. Wait, is there going to be an entire film?

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I guess we get to see the entire short film at Dragon Con. I just got tickets/memberships yesterday, and wow, does it look like it's gonna be huge! Of course, the reason for my going and spending all that dough is the chance to see Joss and the BDH! But, I imagine this'll be playing more than once over the weekend, and it looks very clever.

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