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July 16 2005

Replica of Mal's brown coat now available for order. Courtesy of Abbeyshot Custom Clothiers.

Check out the gallery for more photos. It's quite a shiny coat, but being custom-made, it ain't cheap!

Well that's a fine coat.
I rekon my daughter (seemstres of the house) could knock me up one of those.
Ooooh! Shiny!
Very nice! Wish I could get one for my hubby!! I think Mal would freak out about those prices though!
Mal would steal several gross of them and unload them on a few outer planets.


nixygirl, can she make me one, too? For, uh, less than $452!
That looks great! Kinda a scary though to pay that much for a coat without even trying it on first. Their sizing chart looks really helpful though.
Great coat (but not a greatcoat, I don't think) but I agree with the sentiment of a bit pricy. But, that's why I married a costumer, isn't it?

Wait, upon consulting my notes, I married her for 'love.' Huh.
I paid close to $400.00, 10 years ago, for a good leather coat. Naturally, I've just placed my order with these folks. Thanks for the heads up, electricspacegirl.:)

[ edited by Rick_Bilyeu on 2005-07-17 19:54 ]
I figured it would be something you'd like, Rick. I hope it arrives in time for the BDM!
I'm seriously considering buying one too. Can I afford it? No. Might I buy it anyway? Yessir.

(But really, how often will I be wearing a leather coat in Los Angeles? hmmm. *tries to think of self-serving, but plausible, rationalization*)
Hmmm... the sleeve cuffs look a little... stiff? Wide? Not sure, but there's something off about them.

However, some nice stuff on there other pages, too. If you really must have a vampire leather duster, or a Neo coat, they have 'em.

I'm rather taken with the "Silent Bob" coat, myself.
Ehhh I dunno. My sci fi heart now craves this leather jacket.
Simon, I'm no fashion maven, but isn't that a lot like Angel's jacket? ...not that I have a problem with covering two fashionable bases at one time. I'm all for practicality and thrift, if such words are understandable when attempting to penetrate through a fandom filter. ;-)
Ehhh I dunno. My sci fi heart now craves this leather jacket.

Well, I'm a traditionalist. I've craved the Tardis behind the bloke in the jacket for years.

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