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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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July 16 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Panel at Comic-Con Report. Also find out Joss's favourite Harry Potter character.

Hermione! Woohoo! Love Joss.
Joss was a crack up!

Who does not like HP???? Though I am partial to the owl.
It makes perfect sense that Hermione is Joss's favourite character. She's a strong young woman who is intelligent and feisty, doing her part to kick evil where it hurts.
I thought he would like Fred and George...
the panel was way too short and very few of them spoke, sort of like the panel at wizard world la.
Did you get a ticket to the film screening Steveholt?

And I was thinking Joss' fave would be Snape but I should've known Hermione. It just makes more sense.
NO, damnit. i hurt my ankle last night, so it took me like 30 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the convention center. and by then, those browncoats had given out all the tickets and wouldn't give one to a hobbling sexy young man.
Somehow I knew his fave would be Hermione. In related news, just finished book 6, not my fave, but still excellent :).
Man...was that even Shotgun Wes saying that??? Or has someone got a hold of his password??
Not surprised at Hermione -- he has a thing for brainy, geeky-ish girls with spirit: Willow, Fred, River and Kitty Pryde.
What kind of spoilers are we talking about?
Wasn't Joss spotted in San Deigo around midnight picking up his book?

Dedication. Then again, I wait for the paperback.
I got mine as soon as they were cracking the boxes open. 9.01am after 2 hours sleep and what felt like 1000 eight year olds squealing. So far I've only read 47 pages. Mind you I do have to fight 2 teenagers for reading rights.
Before I even clicked this I said, out loud, to my monitor, "Hermione".

*Bad Kitty rolls her eyes elaborately at Joss' brainy-chick-loving predictability*

I'm half way through '..the Half-Blood Prince'. I bought it just after midnight like the bona fide and loyal geek I am. Don't mistake me for a slow-reader, though. *spits in contempt* I would've finished it by now.. if it weren't for those celebratory ("Book 6!! Woooo!!") bottles of muggle wine... *tisk*
I knew it'd be Hermione....the geek's geek!
Wasn't surprised to hear it was Hermione. But after he reads the book I wouldn't be surprised if Ginny becomes a close second.
I went to the screening. Joss was there and announced that if people had been to the previous screenings, they hadn't seen the movie yet. It's finished now. No spoilers, but if you're used to Firefly it's like a whole season on fast-forward, since, as he said in the panel, it's adapted from his ideas for season two. I loved it.
dreamlogic, did Joss indicate in what way the movie has changed? Clearly, there will be the addition of the finished music and special effects, but did he hint at anything else?
Not impressed by the fact that Joss fave HP character is Hermione.

Just Finished Book 6, just loved the book, might even start re-reading it today. It might be my favorite book from the series, with a close call to book 3.

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Hermione. A strong sort of willow like female character. Figures.
Man, we just got back. 4 days of chaos and mayhem but what a ride. The Serenity panel was great even though they shortened it by gabbing about that Slither movie that Nathan is in. (Looked kinda crappy to be honest). Joss made a joke about it actually:

"I hear we're out of time. (looks at Nathan) I think because *someone* 'slithered' on a little too long...."
(Lotta laughs with Nathan giving 'who me?' looks)

Really frikkin' tired, will write a fuller report later and post it here if this is the right thread for it and people wanna read it.

Oh, by the way, when did Joss' shows ever have big boobs in them?

Not impressed by the fact that Joss fave HP character is Hermione.

And were you really expecting to be 'impressed' by someone's taste in fictional character, or did you mean 'not surprised'? Just wondering.
Cordy was on the, er, voluptuous side as well. (Well, what can you expect from an actress who used to be a pro cheerleader?) But if you read the intro to the tpb to Fray, Joss states that he had a lot of input to how Melaka Fray looked, and he specifically wanted her to have a slight figure, with no aerodynamic boobies that most comic book women have -- you know, the kind that doesn't occur in real life unless surgery has been involved. I read that and my love for him (and his creative impulses) increased just a little bit.
Hi! I'm new to Whedonesque [wave] and decided to chime in.

I was at the panel at Comic-Con. As mentioned above, mobs of people and fairly chaotic at the con. At the panel, Nathan was cutting up the whole time. I have to say I found Gina Torres extremely funny in a dry style. It was a lot about expression and body language, but one example is: during Q&A someone complimented Gina for being a strong multicultural presence, and then, winding up for the question as Gina listened intently, the asker turned, and said, "my question to Joss is..." Gina was classic--played the audience reaction perfectly--a master of body language--and said jokingly (something like)--No, no, it's alright I got the glory, go ahead.

Anyway, nice to be here!
There you are, ThereUR! We've been wondering where you were. Welcome to Whedonesque!
Just like bad Kitty, I just KNEW it would be Herm. My copy is waiting for me at the lib., I will get it about 5:00. It is killing me, I want to know what is going on so bad. After I read it, can't wait to hear Jim Dale on the cd.
Znachki-- I think you might be right. Ginny's pretty awesome. When does book 7 come out?
Yes! Ginny kicks butt! I loved her character's development. I finished Book 6 already, and enjoyed it immensely.
so totally ditto Znachki, wrecks, and k8cre8!
From me...
Not impressed by the fact that Joss fave HP character is Hermione.

then from EdDantes
And were you really expecting to be 'impressed' by someone's taste in fictional character, or did you mean 'not surprised'? Just wondering.

Yeah, Ed, I meant surprised, you can blame my not so native english. Got a sore throat this week, english, is sounding more like engrish, that could be to blame also. I think I'll blame the cold again for a change.
Hermione, duh! So very Joss.

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