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July 16 2005

The Guardian Guide on The Inside. Jonathan Bernstein's Aerial View of America column compares The Inside unfavourably to Buffy.

Well, I kind of have to agree about the comparison of the actress on Point Pleasant to SMG. It seemed to me when I watched that show that it was so deliberate to try and make her move and act like Buffy in a lot of the scenes. There were several times where she did a very Buffy like move where her head would be down and she'd kind of tilt it up enough so you could see her eyes and her head tilted off to the side a bit. Very, very Buffy like. And in certain lighting she looked a lot like SMG.

At least the author seems to think highly of SMG, which is nice.

As for the comparisons of the same thing for The Inside I don't agree at all. That girl looks nothing like SMG and is not mimicking her movements either. If anything, she looks like a younger Jodie Foster. And Tim Minear didn't pick her, she was picked before he was given the job.

I can understand comparing Point Pleasant because of the "chosen" one aspect and the girl with some sort of "powers" and then that same girl looking and acting very similar to Buffy. But The Inside is a totally different show that in no way is similar to BtVS, actress or series. I've grown to really like Rachel Nichols performance and the character. It took a bit of warming up to her because she (the character) is kind of standoffish in the beginning. But to compare her to SMG and Buffy? When the shows and the characters are nothing alike? Just not a fair assesment.
While I can agree with the dislike of the main character (I still don't like Rebecca), the weakness of the review is that it ignores all the other elements of the show.

And comparing it to Buffy? Even with former whedon-ists it's a different show entirely- come on!
I haven't seen "The Closer" so I have nothing to say about it but I have seen every "Inside" episode and I see no similarities between the main female lead and SMG - OK both blond but that's it. I like Rachel Nichols, and I was really ready to not like her! I feel she has done an excellent job, in fact I think the whole cast is amazing, they are all excellent. Is it only me, the male lead reminds me of Xander (NB).

I saw some of the Point Pleasants and agree with Firefly Flanatic on everything posted above. When I first started watching "The Inside" I thought of Jodie Foster too, but Rachel Nichols has made the part her own and now when I watch I no longer think of Jodie.
I'm still a little lukewarm on Rachel Nichols, and I did not like the last episode as much as I liked the three previous ones, but it's a solid show. And I agree, I never made the comparison to Buffy. Jodie Foster did come to mind because of a facial likeness, but the two actors have very different acting styles -- so the comparison did not go very far.

I never got past the first two episodes of Point Pleasant, so I can't address the comparison there, although I thought the lead was the weakest actor in the bunch.

I fear that the former ME people are going to have a difficult time getting out from under Joss's shadow. Fury seems to be succeeding, but the others have not yet shaken the many comparisons.
Yeah, I've also seen all epsiodes of The Inside and all I can say is that Rachel nichols really has grown into her role. Yes, it did take a few episodes but at the time of Everything's Nice she really had really grown into the character and from there on there has been no problems for her.
I only saw a little of The Inside, but I was quite impressed with what I saw. Given that, it seems unfair to me for someone to constantly put all shows by former members of Joss' team on a Buffy scale of excellence. Whereas I may agree with the author on comparing this lead with SMG, that doesn't damn a show entirely.
Different actors, different characters, different shows...really unfair to compare! I agree with one point though...anytime any actor, any where, any time, playing any role is put up against Sarah, she will suffer from the comparison!
Buffy and The Inside is the stupidest comparison ever. Its like comparing X Files to Law and Order!
X-Files is a cop show, so it's more like comparing The X-Files to Freaks and Geeks. Both great shows, but completely different genres.
I hear the next aerial view is a comparison of 7th Heaven and Sex in the City. One had Jessica Biel and one had Sarah Jessica Parker - both have a Jessica! - they cry out for comparison!

Oh wait! Sarah Jessica Parker...Sarah Michelle Gellar...two Sarahs, both middle names end in a vowel, both surnames have the same number of letters...well, their respective shows must be compared!
I watched the last 5 minutes of The Inside last Wednesday, I got a very strong Angel season 2 vibe from it. I wish I had seen more of the show, I bet I would have loved it.
I think the reviewer is unfair to Rachel Nichols. I think that, so far in the series, the directors are asking her to remain an enigma rather than being demonstrative.

Of course I could drown in her eyes every time she comes on screen so I might be a tad biased.
Simon, I do think you'd really like this show. Too bad Fox isn't giving it a chance to find it's footing because it has gotten better and better with each episode.

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