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July 18 2005

Gellar Desperate For Topless Role. In order that she will be offered more adult parts. Apparently.

Can't say I'm convinced this is true myself.

Hm... I can't see it being too difficult for her to convince a studio to let her do that. I imagine they'd be jumping at any chance to cash in on the "Buffy's first nude scene" publicity.
Guys, this is from a place that has yet to even give the actual article it got it's quote from. This place usual gets all it's stuff form others and it has not appeared anywhere else.

Sorry, But not buying she said this they way it is being presented. Also this article does not mention nudity in any of the quotes, just the heading. I would not be surprised if they are quoting some tabloid.

It is being widely dismissed over at as being out of context about something for Southland Tales, by already two of the mods.In Southland Tales she said she played a hooker who did NOT take of her clothes, so I doubt she is going to have an about face and say she now needs to to get roles. She also had that little quote in the paper a few months ago about NOT taking her clothes of because she thought she was a rolemodel.
A variation of this story appeared in The Metro, a free daily tabloid London newspaper affliated to the Daily Mail, about a month ago.

The gossip columnist at The Metro responsible for this little titbit has previously been responsible for telling us about Gellar's decision to quit acting to "release her album" and become "the new Dido".

I am not going to say that this latest revelation is not actually on the up and up, but I am am confident enough that it's complete rubbish to say that if it turns out to be genuine I'll cut off my genitals, fry them in a little butter and eat them!

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30 isn't old, she looks like 24 at least.
Well, going topless didn't change Julie Andrews' image. Does it ever actually improve any actress's career?
The only sexy thing that really worked must of been Sharon Stone crossing her legs in Basic Instinct, that was unique and couldn't really be copied, going topless is not always the best thing. I thought Geller was sexy in Cruel Intentions without showing much, thats the type of role that works better, going topless has a unti-climax and lazy feel to it, doesn't need effort etc
Does it ever actually improve any actress's career?

It helped Halle Berry.
And Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry)- Oscar win.
And Jodie Foster (The Accused) - Oscar win.
And Gwyneth Paltrow (Shakespeare in Love) - Oscar win.
And Holly Hunter (The Piano) - Oscar win.
And Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God) - Oscar win.
And Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Jessica Lange and many more.
I don't know SMG, but I've read/seen enough interviews that I feel confident in saying that this quote is either being taken completely out of context, or is completely made up. It's probably about Southland Tales (where she plays a porn star who DOESN'T take her clothes off accoring to SMG herself).
Eh, I find this news report a bit odd. I mean, to officially express that "I want desperately for the world to see my boobies" sounds just too strange, I'm not sure if I'm buying this. Not that I'm complaining, if Sarah wants to bare all I'm definately not gonna stop her.
I'm not believing this as well, several media sources are much too creative in quoting SMG. I recall how they picked over her 'End of Buffy' Entertainment interview to the point of changing her entire meaning.
Gellar's decision to quit acting to "release her album" and become "the new Dido"... and then marry Bob Dole and raise penguins in Guam...
And Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry)- Oscar win.
And Jodie Foster (The Accused) - Oscar win.

These two; yes most definately; in these particularly powerful character roles. But actually helping thier career I find that a bit of a stretch as a statment of fact.
You can't say Hilary swank won the oscar for showing her boobs in Boys Don't Cry unless you back that up with the fact she was portraying a girl who was living as a man and gets horrificaly killed because of it.
I agree with all the above...sounds like "normal" tabloid stuff...take something out of context or simply make it up! I would also agree that I'd be first in line to see her...but then, I'm a dirty old man! I think Sarah does need to be given the opportunity to play a wider variety of roles and I would support any decision she made, comes down to a personal choice and Sarah has always followed her heart...don't see that changing!
I'm not buying this. She has a no-nudity clause for a reason.
I don't buy it. Sexy is a state of mind, not a state of undress.
Toss me into the "don't buy it" crowd as well. If Sarah really, really wanted to release teh boobiz, then I'm certain Playboy or any other fine publication would jump at the chance. Regardless – although I would never consider myself an expert on SMG – I find it far too much of a 180 to believe its validity on face value alone.
I'll believe it when I see it. Until then...
I'll believe it when I see it.

Don't you mean "Them"?

I'll get me coat...
I think she's washed up regardless of whether she strips or not.

# of good movies SMG has been in: 0

I hope I'm not offending any SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE fans on the site.
Washed up?? Are you mad?? Her best is doubtless to come (especially now that she has new management.) What she needs is an interesting indie film (something along the lines of "Closer" perhaps) where she can show us that sly sexiness that she does so well (and fully clothed; otherwise DashBoardProphet's in big trouble!)

And in any case, Chirp, she was smashing in "Cruel Intentions". Excellent film, very sexy, no (SMG) nudity (and great soundtrack).

[ edited by SweetMarilyn on 2005-07-18 20:37 ]
I'm gonna call Shenanigans. She plays a porn star in Southland Tales, I would think there was an opportunity for nudity there.
"Washed up?"...well, you're entitled to your opinion but I find that an "interesting" statement. There are some folks who would say "the Grudge" was a good certainly did ok at the box office as did a number of her other movies. Not every actor does "Gone With The Wind" every time. "Washed up" before thirty with her looks??? Sorry but I gotta question the motivation behind posting that here..??
It's a stretch from Buffy season 6 being degrading/demeaning, to now wanting to show her boobs to enhance her career. Doesn't really sound like SMG, or at least what we know of her. I mean, what's more degrading than your career being based on boobs?
I would have to totally second you in everything you said, Calledon. I would hardly think that the variety of directors, actors and movies she has done so far and is signed up to do in any way says "washed up".

I loved the Grudge, look forward to Southland Tales and can't not even wait for Alice. Everyone, even the biggest acots have bad movies, but then again there are even fans of those.

As for looks, that is an eyes of the beholder kind of thing. I think she is gorgeous. Not a fan of the dark hair, but think she is always so elegant in everything we see.
SweetMarilyn, SMG did an interesting indie film a few years ago called Harvard Man, directed by James Toback (I think). She played the larcenous bad-girl daughter of a mobster, engaging in two non-nude sex scenes that lacked romance (intentionally) but were quite intense. She said at the time she pursued the role because she wanted to be considered for more adult parts, but nudity wasn't an option.
I didn't interpret Chirp as meaning that SMG wouldn't have a high profile movie career for very high pay. I thought he meant she was no longer doing high quality work. I have high hopes for Southland Tales, and I believe she can do great work if she gets the right scripts, but I have to agree with Chirp about her movies so far. Cruel Intentions was a modestly enjoyable retread, but hardly great cinema (and I'd put The Grudge in the same category). The less said about Scooby Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Simply Irresistable, the better. I'm sure Harvard Man has its fans, but I thought it was actually the worst of them all. She's never made a film worth seeing twice, and precious few worth seeing once. There's more value in the worst five Buffy episodes than in her entire movie oeuvre.
I agree with fruit punch mouth that the general quality of her films so far has been less than stellar, but at least it appears she's getting an opportunity to do potentially better films now that she isn't restricted to accepting only those roles that would be filming during the hiatus of her television series.

Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know of any television series regulars who made notable films while still filming a series? I'm drawing a blank, unless one considers George Clooney's films made during ER as good. Surely, there must be someone else?
jaynelovesvera, I thoroughly enjoyed The Iron Giant, Office Space and The Good Girl, which Jennifer Anison took part in while she was still a regular on Friends.

Also, I have to agree with most everyone that I haven't really enjoyed any of the films SMG has been a part of whether it was during or after Buffy.
I haven't actually seen "In Good Company" but I hear a lot of good things about it, and as far as I know, Topher Grace was still on That 70's Show when he filmed it. Of course, I may have my dates all wrong on that...
John Travolta...

I'm sure there was someone more recently that stayed on a series even though their career in movies was taking off, but I cannot think of who it was right now. Of course it depends on what you consider "notable." In any case, it is very rare.
Seth Green in Austin Powers while he was still on Buffy?
Anything I've ever seen posted from this website - -irrespective of subject, has been pure rubbish. Don't believe it.
Maybe should be retitled, Fanboys Desperate for Gellar in Topless Role?
I enjoyed Cruel Intentions for what it was - and Sarah was, what, 20 in that? And I happen to think Harvard Man is a terrific movie that doesn't quite hit the target it's aiming for. I think her work has been at least adequate, and usually much better than that, in each of her roles. But, sure, I'm still waiting for the material worthy of her. In any case, "washed up" seems to me to be an unfounded overstatement.

And, yeah, personal preferences aside, I give this report zero credence.
The Host over at has confirmed it to be completely false.

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