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July 18 2005

Drew Goddard reminisces. "I'm standing there going, "They killed Tara!! Jesus Christ, somebody do something!"".

Wow. To have *that* been your first day? That'd be tough.

But, it'd be your first day as a *writer* for Buffy. So, it evens out.
Drew talked about that on the Succubus Club. I love that story. It was funny to hear him tell about the time he first met Joss, how Joss was coming off the set of Firefly, all bearded and billowy coat, and how intimidated Drew was. Good stuff.

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<snerk> That's hilarious. What a way to be spoiled, though.
Wow, that was really kool. I didn't know that was how Drew had been hired and that he was a massive fan before hand. Also what a way to find out about Tara! He would have had this weird mix of elation and devistation.
Electrospacegirl, what was the Succubus Club?

edit: It's all good. I have found it and am listening.

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succubus club was the internet radio show. They sometimes had writers on as guests.
Could have been a dorm I used to frequent in college, eddy.



Neat stuff...
Could have been a dorm I used to frequent in college, eddy.

Hahahahaah, very funny.
Thanks, the way, a girl (hey, it was college) whose dorm I actually did frequent in 1981 and 1982 (yeah, I'm old) is the former girlfriend I've mentioned who was rabidly resistant to Buffy for about 4 years and is now about to finish Season 4...she's going to send me back the DVDs I've sent, because she's going to buy a complete Season 1-7 (and she will definitly get into Angel, too)--had bid on eBay and says if the bid doesn't win, she'll just go out and buy them all...

I accidentally sent her an awful potential spoiler some days ago and recovered...she'll be okay...and totally surprised by the end of "Buffy vs. Dracula"...I sent her Season 5 today, so she'll watch it on Wednesday...very excited about her reaction!

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The Succubus Club. They had a lot of V.I.P. interviews, and you can find those in the archives section. Drew Goddard, David Fury, Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenburg, Steven DeKnight, Rebecca Rand Kirshner, and Tim Minear have all been on the Succubus club.

The Succubus Club had its last show on September 1st, 2004.
I let my friend borrow my buffy dvd's and they were always bent with the plastic broke when I got them back. It made me sad.
I *loved* listening to the Succubus Club. Was really sad when they ended.

ps. Take a listen to the one with Jane, Rebecca and Drew. Really hilarious stuff. :D
What, charisma? Huh? What does that have to do with anything? And what plastic are you talking about? Bent? What?
Willowy, I think charisma was following on from ChrisInVirginia's story.
I see. Thanks, SoddingNancyTribe.
Drew has mentioned before that he was a huge fan of the show before being hired as a writer, but this is the first he has given the details. Great stuff. Whatever the case, I'm glad they discovered his talent. I remember sitting on the couch for several minutes in awe after the ending of 'Selfless' thinking,"This Drew Goddard guy is good!"
Ah, The Succubus Club.. *recalls fondly*

Kitty & Candy were geniuses. (And Ethan, of course.)
And Drew Goddard. Ultimate Drew. Yes...

Very tall.

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